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    Need to reduce toner usage

    I'm running 23,000 13x19 double sided full bleed (2up 8.5x11 trifolds) for a total of 46000 pieces. The artwork is about 80% black. I am going through a black toner bottle around every 2000 sheets. I have the rendering intent set to "relative colorimetric" on the fiery so that it uses other...
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    Tri-folding setup

    Is there a best practices for setting up a tri-fold? Inevitably I seem to always have tri-folds that have solid color changes right on the folds. I have been using the setup where none of the panels are the same size, but this kind of artwork always gives me a headache. Does anyone have any...
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    Duplo DF-1200 Help Please!

    I've got a Duplo DF-1200 that mostly does tri-folds. I've got a problem where every other sheet is folded wrong. This is a new issue as of about 2 weeks ago. We checked our front to back registration and it is almost dead on now. We use a duplo 618 to cut. We check those and adjust accordingly -...
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    Ricoh 7210x - Skewing

    I am having issues with skewing. I am printing 2 up tri-folds -2 sided on 100# glossy text. I have run the tray alignment many times. After the alignment I run my print and it doesn't line up. It is off about 2mm on half the sheet. I get it as close as I can, then let it run. This wouldn't be a...
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    Duplo 618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser problems

    I have got a newish (less than a year old) Duplo 618 that has started to cut crooked at random intervals with text weight paper and regularly on the last 2 rows of business cards of a 24up 13x19 130# glossy cover sheet. I've checked for paper that is stuck in the machine and I've got none, so...
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    Dyna-Cut Rotary Die Cutter

    Does anyone have experience with the Dyna-Cut Rotary Die Cutter? We have had one for about a month. We did the training, etc. We haven't had any luck getting label stock to go through. It either doesn't feed through the final set of rollers or it winds itself up onto the die. Any help would be...
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    Duplo 618 newbie

    I have a new Duplo 618, I've had the training and I've run a few jobs through it. I can't for some reason figure out why my cuts aren't happening where I expect them to. I have used both manual setups as well as the template route through the fiery and both give me the same result. When cutting...

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