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    .pdf flattening

    We have an issue where a .pdf was flattened using post script settings for the proof but the job was plated using .pdf 1.3 settings. The issue now is that the customer approved the proofs and we are tasked with matching the file that is being plated to the proof. We are only seeing an issue of...
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    Western Mass Printer Looking for Press Technician

    Job Title: Press Technician Department: Pressroom Reports to: Pressroom Manager (1st) Lead Press Technician (2nd) Job Summary: Assists press team in the set-up, maintenance, and operation of a printing press, while also performing additional responsibilities of a Press Technician when...
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    Finzer Roller

    Anyone running Finzer rollers on Komoris? If so, how are they running?
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    Packing on 40" presses

    I would like to start a discussion regarding packing under the blanket. A few questions: Which type of packing are you using? (paper, underblanket (rubber) or cyrel) What are some benefits of the more costly options? Is it worth spending more for those benefits? thanks for your input
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    DYC Airtac system

    Wanted to see if anyone out there has used this new packing system from DYC. It is basically an underblanket mounted to a bar that replaces the packing. Any thoughts?
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    Alwan Print Standardizer

    Does anyone have any experience with this software? If so, please tell me about your experiences... both positive and negative ones are welcomed. I would like to know how different companies are utilizing this software. thanks Jeremy
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    Toyo Hyplus 100 Process Inks

    Hi all, We recently tested the Toyo Hyplus 100 series but decided to go with a different ink from a different manufacturer. We have about 60 to 80 pounds left of each color and I feel like I shouldn't just throw it away. Would this be of any use to anyone? If you are interested let me know...
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    kodak electra xp laser lines

    We have been sporatically getting lines on our plates that show up when on the press. These lines are evenly spaced and are what I believe to be lines caused by the laser. We see it show up on jobs in screens and darker images. However, when I clean the plate I can not see the lines. The lines...
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    Tracking Profiles

    Hi All, I am looking for ideas for a way to efficiently track the performance of your profiles. We use pdc-s scanning software to scan our press sheets but it is rather obnoxious to extract the information after the fact. Currently, we have the pressman write down on a tracking label the...
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    Lenticular troubleshooting

    We are testing lenticular on a conventional non uv press and are getting an odd pattern on the sheet when putting down the first hit of opaque white. We are getting lines of circles going from gripper to tail that look a little bit like offset but the pattern is throwing me for a loop. The lines...
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    Creating curves using Curve2

    We are building curves based on the G7 methodology using paper that is not G7 compliant. How can we tell the software the lab value of the paper so that it can account for it in the curve. The reason I am asking is that we are seeing more ink put into the quarter tones and lower in the curve and...
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    G7 Proof to Press Match

    How do others rate their proof to press visual match when profiling with the G7 methodology? Other employees say I am too picky and want a perfect match that is unobtainable. I have been trying to get a press sheet and proof match from another printer for years now but it seems like other...
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    Calculating spine width for perfect bound books

    I am just wondering how others calculate the spine width for perfect bound books for a variety of paper types. We are coming up short on jobs using our current calculations especially on dull stocks. Any help is appreciated
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    Komori streaks in solid

    We are having issues printing solids on our 6 color komori. I have tried to print this solid (a full sheet size solid) in three different units with the same results. We are seeing streaks about a quarter of the way up the sheet from the gripper that you can see an outline of the colorbar in...
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    How to print lenticular?

    I am looking for information regarding printing lenticular on a non uv press. We have found necessary prepress software but as far as how to print it (non uv) we are a little in the dark. What material do you use to print on? Where do you get it from? Any information or experiences is much...
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    osha programs

    Hi all, I am currently revamping our OSHA programs and wanted to see if I could get some samples send to me of some programs you use. Currently I have it broke down into subcategories i.e. safeguarding, HazCom, walking and working surfaces, emergency evacuations,etc... I have to change the...
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    Plate storage

    We are currently rearranging our pressroom to increase efficiency in our workflow and I was wondering if there is a better way to store the plates before they go on press. We currently have a cabinet with 25 drawers that pull out that we use. Sometimes we get scratches if someone puts too many...
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    Sheet Shrink?

    We recently ran across a stock that seems to be shrinking while it dries. Sounds crazy but the crop marks are measuring 1/32" to 3/64" shorter on the sheet than the plate both ways (gripper to tail & side to side.) It is happening on cover stock as well as text weight but only on one specific...
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    Profile Tweaks or Reprofiles?

    Just trying to conduct a poll regarding how often other printers reprofile or tweak their profiles. We profile to G7 specifications and usually tweak every couple of months and reprofile if some big change occurs i.e. new ink or new rollers. Due to many variables press conditions move slightly...
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    Plate image wear on press

    We have two Komori 40" presses and are having problems on large run job with the image on the plates wearing off. We are a two shift operation and it only happens when 1st shift has to finish or continue on a job from second shift. I would like to find some best practices for saving/ gumming...

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