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  1. mihas

    Suppress "blue turns purple problem" in color data

    R.W.G. HUNT writes that the "blue turns purple problem" is embedded in the trichromatic principle itself (and not only is a cost of the CIE Lab), and its degree depends on the nature of the spectral sensitivity curves of sensors and/or spectral reflection (transmission) curves of dyes. "When a...
  2. mihas

    New opportunities in offset color separation: iccGPU

    Spectralcalc iccGPU™ introduces new possibilities for offset color separation. Published for commercial use at: The first year of use is usually free. iccGPU uses a graphics accelerator whenever possible for the first time in the history of computer color...
  3. mihas

    SCTV and other Perceptual Uniformity TV online calculator (free)

    In free access online-calculations of Spot Colour Tone Value (SCTV) by ISO 20654:2017 can be done at: Perceptual Uniformity Tone Value calc • SCTV & CIE ΔE Just copy the table with the Lab data by patterned and click "Calc". Input data format: Tone Value, Lab_L, Lab_a, Lab_b (split by tabs or...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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