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    Taxed on Maintenance/click charges

    Hello, Was just wondering. Should I be taxed on maintenance for my production machine. The click charges are taxed every month. Being this is for resale shouldn't I not be taxed. Anybody have a answer for me?
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    Riso SF 9450 Parts and Service Manual

    Hello, would anybody have the parts and service manuals for the Riso SF 9450 duplictor in .pdf?
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    Konica Minlota C1060 Issue

    Hello, I have a feed issue with my large capacity 3rd drawer. It keeps pulling doubles no mater what settings I have it at. The tech has changed all the motors and clutches that he can. But I am still getting this issue. It only happens on thick card stocks of 275 gsm or higher. I have tried no...
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    Hello All, Was wondering, when looking at a production copy machine. At what copy count does is machine considered new vs a demo or used unit. 10,000 or maybe 50,000. Dealer says its a new unit but it has over 100,000 copies on it. Thanks for any input on this. To me this is a used unit which...
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    Ijetcolor NXT Supplies

    Hello All, Does anybody have a place to buy supplies for the Ijetcolor NXT? Other than printware of course. Anybody notice how much ink is left over in the cartridges once they have 0% on the screen. It's crazy how much is left over.
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    Hello, I am currently running a Konica Minolta c1060. My lease is almost us. My dealer is quoting me on a new machine. How do I know if this is a good price or not? How can I compare this? Not like I can get another dealer farther away to give me a quote. How do you truly know they are giving...
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    Konica Minolta C4065 vs C4070

    I know they are new but does anybody have experience with either of them. C4065Print vs C4070Press. Upgrading my C1060 to something else. One has press behind the name, the other has print. Is there that big a difference between them? Thanks for any info
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    IJETCOLOR NXT or Classic Model?

    Hello! I am looking at getting a IJetcolor for printing envelopes. Would like to know of anybody that has the classic and wish they had the NXT model? Or does anybody have the NXT and really only needed the Classic model? Trying to decide on which one to get. Thanks for any info!
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    Konica Minolta 1060 setup

    Hello, was wondering if anybody has the Konica Minolta 1060 setup with a 100 page booklet finisher with joggers, and the 3 drawer air feed paper trays? How has it performed? Thanks!
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    Oki Procolor pro900dp w/ feeder

    Does anybody have a Okidata Procolor pro900dp with the feeder for envelopes? Thinking of buying one of these. Any experiences or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Scanning issues with konica minlolta c6000

    Having issues with scanning from a konica minolta c6000 to a Mac with os 10.6.8 anybody else having this issue? When I scan a document to the mac it doesn't always show up. I must scan the document 4-6 times before it shows up. Thanks, Will
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    Konica Minolta Bizhub C6000

    Hello, Does anybody have any experience with this new machine? If so do you have the relay unit or decurler installed on it and does it work? Trying to decide on this machine or a Xerox Color 550 with an standard finisher installed on it. I am leaning towards the KM for a few reasons. Just want...
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    Xerox decurler

    Anybody have any experience with this option from Xerox?
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    Xerox vs. Km

    Hello, We are a small print shop looking to get more into digital arena. We are currently looking at a xerox color 550 & a Konica Minolta c652 DS. Any feedback would be great. We are currently using a ricoh machine with so so results. The xerox has a fiery rip the km does not. Also a big...

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