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  1. warlegs

    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    I was running business cards on 13x19 cover stock for years... Now after switching to multiple different sizes, I have found myself only being able to get 8.5x11 stock lol Thankfully we only do them for one client every so often. Sheesh.
  2. warlegs

    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    Damn, that sounds horrible and beyond frustrating. Good luck with Ricoh. I haven't had any issues getting toner or parts for our Versafire... Worst situation was a shipment being delayed a week or so because of the shit show at the time. Best of luck!
  3. warlegs

    Where to Buy OEM Ricoh 7110 Toner

    Yeah, I get it. Supplies are crazy expensive. Let me know how you make out!
  4. warlegs

    Where to Buy OEM Ricoh 7110 Toner

    We get our through Ricoh but I do see them all the time on Ebay lol
  5. warlegs

    Fuji Plate Availability - What About Other Vendors?

    We use the Fuji ZX series now because of that issue. Plant closing down south and now we get these from Japan or China shipped in. Haven't had any problems getting them but don't exactly go through a ton right now anyway... Hope all this production/supply chain crap straightens itself out soon...
  6. warlegs

    Need some advice, newbie owner

    Damn man, not sure if picked the best time to jump into this hot mess! Hopefully you can still get paper and iron out your machine issues. Best of luck!!
  7. warlegs

    Making plates remotely?

    Will do. Appreciate the help Joe.
  8. warlegs

    Making plates remotely?

    Damn, I'll have to look into this. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. warlegs

    Making plates remotely?

    Awesome, that would perfect for us. Thanks man.
  10. warlegs

    Making plates remotely?

    We are looking into establishing a connection with a prepress service borough to be able to get the prepress work done when we don't have coverage. Unfortunately, there aren't many close to our shop. Files can easily be sent and received obviously but does anyone know if it's possible to have...
  11. warlegs

    Paper Shortage

    Yeah, it's a total shit-show. The other day we caught some stuff that supposedly was in inventory and literally checked out, done. Rep called later and said we didn't get it. Like 8 people all went for it at the same time. I bet whoever the bigger company that was in the running got it. Still...
  12. warlegs

    Ricoh 7210x - Skewing

    That's nice. Our 7110x Doesn't have that bar. I have sheets where the crop marks on the bottom of the page (operator side) are dead on but the top are off. Or just skewed and we get them as close as possible. Tried everything and Now going to just delete some paper and set it up again so I can...
  13. warlegs

    #!@*&% $#*! PAPER

    Well, we'll be long gone by then if that's the case. Guess I better tighten up that resume now lol
  14. warlegs

    Paper Shortage

    Absolutely. I know they def. do with the paper suppliers..
  15. warlegs

    Paper Shortage

    Same boat. North East small printer. It was bad back in October but now it's just ridiculous and we have orders that we can't do because there's no paper available. We have enough to get through the month or so but the paper companies inventory is bare (we check constantly) so I am a little...
  16. warlegs

    Paper Shortage?

    Same boat. We literally have a big order we can't fulfill because there's no 14pt available or coming. This is crazy. We log in to check paper inventory constantly and there's nothing. If there is, it's gone in seconds. Also, the big guys are hoarding and getting first dibs, doesn't help us...
  17. warlegs

    Paper Shortage?

    We have had issues with getting paper for the past couple of months. Had to switch 100# dull text brands like 3 times so far. Had to switch other brands as well and we are told the mills have no where to put the paper because of storage issues and that's on top of all the other supply chain...
  18. warlegs

    fuji luxel vx9600

    Man, I remember these ridiculous things. So expensive to replace. I had some extras but I guess they went with the system when we sold it. Best of luck!!
  19. warlegs

    Versafire C7110 Stickers crooked

    Looking for advice on this issue where are sheets must be coming through crooked. Measuring head to tail from the sheets edge, the crop marks are off an 8th and crooked... Put in some 80# Gloss Text or random sheets and it comes out fine. I know the sticker stock (12x18) isn't perfect but still....
  20. warlegs

    Static build up within machine causing registration movement

    Not sure yet, still doing testing. I was running 80# text through yesterday and the marks at the head of the sheet were off, tail of the sheet almost dead on. I then put in some C/2/S to see the outcome and it was actually a lot better. Hoping to get answers today. Curious to see how you make...

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