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  1. CliffSpielman

    Small Albuquerque Print Shop Downsizing / Selling Equipment

    We are a small local print shop that is changing directions and has a variety of gear to offer. I'll update this post as I get other items ready to offer. All are used in great working order, unless I mention otherwise. Most of the items are listed in Albuquerque Craigslist or on eBay as...
  2. CliffSpielman

    Formax 22S vs Triumph 4315 (Or Formax vs Triump Auto Paper Cutters in General)

    Hi and thank you in advance for feedback. I'm looking at an entry level semi-automatic cutter for my home shop. Based on space constraints even more than budget, I'm looking at the Triumph 4315 and Formax 22S. The two have almost identical feature sets but I haven't been able to get any...
  3. CliffSpielman

    Any feedback regarding Fastbind Pureva Neo and Smart binders?

    Hi. I'm evaluating entry-level PUR binders and Fastbind's two offerings - the Neo and Smart are appealing in terms of price. There's also their XT PUR binder but it's not the latest and greatest. Not that this makes it bad by any means, but I want to get any and every edge possible in...
  4. CliffSpielman

    1.5 Mil (Per Flap) Laminating Pouches?

    Hi. Thanks in advance for your input. I'm developing a new coffee table book product which is small enough where I can - in theory - use my pouch laminators to laminate the cover vs my roll laminator. I'm sure it's me but I truly dislike using the roll laminator. I guess more accurately it's...
  5. CliffSpielman

    Any vendors who create finished Fastbind Booxter hard cases?

    Does anybody out there provide the elusive service of creating finished wrapped hard cases for use with Fastbind Booxter? I'm trying to lighten my load a bit with a new book I'm publishing. Specifically what I'm looking for is the printing of the cover artwork I would provide, laminating it...
  6. CliffSpielman

    WANTED: A Booxter Zero Max - Either New or Lightly Used

    Hi. I've recently purchased a Booxter Zero Max from Fastbind but they are backordered for some unappealing amount of time. If anybody here has one, and is willing to pack it and ship it, I'm interested. Thanks.
  7. CliffSpielman

    Does anybody have a Vpaper Tower?

    I've been using Vpaper for a few months now in an 8.5x11 inch size. I have a possible need for a larger size but Peleman doesn't offer any other sizes. On the other hand, I could take out my wallet and buy a Vpaper Tower, which is used to add the hinges to the paper. But I don't even know...
  8. CliffSpielman

    Large Format Inkjet Recommendation?

    Hello to all and thanks in advance. One of my new print products is a book, which I can happily print on my digital press. But I need to print a dust jacket. The dimensions of the book are such that I can't print the dust jacket on my digital press. The book is a large coffee table book and...
  9. CliffSpielman

    Glow in the Dark Substrates for Versant 180?

    Hello All. Is anybody familiar with glow in the dark substrates that the Versant 180 similar digital press can print on? The other detail is that ideally they won't have an adhesive backing. So far the one or two I've found have an adhesive backing, presumably for cutting and sticking to...
  10. CliffSpielman

    Inexpensive, Straightforward Means to Emboss/Stamp/Mark Faux Hard Book Covers?

    I'm about to start self-publishing a couple of different books. The plan for Day1 is a simple heat binding process using hard covers, such as Unibind Steelbook. I'm going to print a nice dust jacket on my Versant but I'd also like to mark the hard cover itself just not to have a completely...
  11. CliffSpielman

    Versant 180 - Way to know or specify which black toner being used?

    On the Versant 180, is there a way to either specify which K toner cartridge the press should use? Or minimally to know which one is being used / is active? The bigger question is what scheme/logic does the Versant 180 use to determine whether to use K1 or K2. Keep in mind that my volume is...
  12. CliffSpielman

    Recommended specialyy stocks for printing photos on the Xerox Versant 180?

    Hi. Just wondering if anybody can recommend specialty papers for printing photos on the Versant 180. I'm not sure yet if they will need to be printed on a gloss or matte yet. When I say "specialty", I'm thinking something more exclusively geared towards photos, as opposed a standard...
  13. CliffSpielman

    Why does solid yellow have dots in it?

    My goal is to be able to print solid process color backgrounds on my Versant 180. So when I have a background that is y=100. all else=0, then I'd like to not see any other colors or dot pattern. Under a magnifier, all I'd like to see is yellow and maybe whatever pits and valleys the paper may...
  14. CliffSpielman

    Versant 180 rollers leave impressions on 13x26 paper

    Happy New Year to everybody. I’ve noticed on my new Versant 180 that when using 13x26 inch 80# cover stock, the press leaves marks/indentations along the 26 inch length, 2 inches apart or so. These are not artifacts from printing but physical indentations on the cover stock. They are not so...
  15. CliffSpielman

    Xerox Versant 180 - Minimum XLS Sheet Size?

    The Versant 180 offers their XLS (Extra Long Sheet) capability and clearly states that it allows a sheet size up to 13x26 inches. Cool. But I can't find where it states a minimum XLS sheet. For example, can I feed a 9x26 inch sheet instead. I can see on Youtube that the XLS metal tray that...
  16. CliffSpielman

    Recommended Monthly Volume for Versant 180

    Hi. I'm currently working towards finding the right press for me (this has been on and off for a while). I've seen the Versant 80 and newer 180 do what I need but during a conversation with one local dealer, I was told they wouldn't even sell me one because of my tentative monthly volume. He...
  17. CliffSpielman

    Colored or Parchment Substrates for Versant 180?

    Hi. So far Googling hasn't helped much so I wanted to see if anybody has used and/or knows of non-white papers that are supported by the Versant 180. These can be gloss papers, such as a tan or maybe ivory. Or even cooler would be a paper that's textured like a parchment. Thanks
  18. CliffSpielman

    Recommended Light-Duty Professional Paper Cutter?

    Thanks in advance for your input. I'm looking for a paper cutter that can comfortable cut 50-100 (more or less) 100# text weight or up to 100# cover stock. This may occur several times a day, or on some days not at all. The cuts are just straight lines, no need to follow any sort of pattern...
  19. CliffSpielman

    Looking to offer time on a Heidelberg digital press

    This is not a physical item for sale, but rather is for a lot of time available on a Heidelberg VersaFirel. I'm looking to start my own shop with a Heidelberg VersaFire. So far they handle my specialized digital printing needs a bit better than the Xerox, Canon, KM presses I've tried. By no...
  20. CliffSpielman

    Recommended settings for Synapse 10 mil on Versant 80?

    Hi. I'm working with a local print shop to get the sharpest text on their Versant 80 using Synapse 10 mil synthetic substrate. They have a bustled Fiery. Without setting anything but the weight of the substrate, the output of text is kind of grainy, whereas it's more solid on typical gloss...

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