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  1. rbailleu

    clean out unit on supra a75

    I have a supra setter and use chem free 101 plates. the clean out unit is starting to leave a little residue on the plates down one side. the rollers appear to be spring loaded but is there some adjustment to this pressure. or is it time to get new rollers or just a good scrubbing.
  2. rbailleu

    new version question time.

    so its sunday and I am bored. did some windows updates on the servers and cleaned out the suprasetters cou. now searching for info on new versions of ppm, signa and meta. we are running 2011 still and wondered if any one has heard if 2012 is out, or 2013 is coming, or as usual 2012 is...
  3. rbailleu

    heidelberg excel 400 ink

    any body using this. says made in india on it. whose ink is this really. so far our trials on the sm52 are looking good.
  4. rbailleu

    new sm 75 xl with anicolor

    game over. this will be a killer if it works. can you imagine. no ink key setting. 15,000 iph. with cutstar oh my.
  5. rbailleu

    interesting issue on our speedmaster 52

    we are having a problem on our sm52 ( see attached) I believe this to be dripping of the wash solution onto rollers. the spacing is of lines is right. what I can understand is we added ink directly to the rollers and turned off the water. let the machine tone. and the lines came right back...
  6. rbailleu

    game of thrones

    any body watch game of thrones on hbo. I think this season is moving too slowly
  7. rbailleu

    heidelberg sm 74 ink blade

    we are having an issue with ink dripping behind the ink blade on our 2 color sm 74. it is a manual lever type laser slit blade. we have tightened up the levers so they completely shut off ink. we have check the sealant on the slits a it is fine. but we still get ink build up and dripping...
  8. rbailleu

    new production copier

    I have been think about getting an imagepress c6010 with A1200 rip. I know this is an entry level imagepress, is there another machine I should be comparing it to. for a little less money I can actually get a rebuilt 7000vp with A3100. any reason not to consider the used machine beyond the...
  9. rbailleu

    ppm and ppi software versions

    what are the latest stable version of prepress manager and prepress interface. I seem to have to restart too often. this is what I am running. Meta server version: 10.01.420.1 OFFICIAL cockpit : 10.02.605.010 ppi :
  10. rbailleu

    blanket washer cloth rewind

    we have been rewinding and using our cloths a second time on our sm 52. seems to be okay, but recently we have noticed the blankets are not completely dry on the second use of the cloths. does anyone else rewind cloth for a second use.
  11. rbailleu

    stahl st90 operator

    looking for someone that has experience on an st 90 to come out and show me some of the in and outs of making this machine run well. could be on a week end if you just want to make extra cash. call 309 852 2517 or email rob at
  12. rbailleu

    the world must be coming to an end

    the chicago tribune is printing the chicago sun times. dogs and cats living together total chaos what is the world coming to.
  13. rbailleu

    tornado alley

    I see the destruction in places like joplin and wonder what would I do. anybody know of any printers that need help in joplin or elsewhere. do they just need to be left alone to clean up?
  14. rbailleu

    stahl st90 stahl only password

    does any one know the stahl usa only password for a ST90 saddle stitcher?
  15. rbailleu

    saphira chemfree 101

    anyone using chem free 101 violet or thermal plates
  16. rbailleu

    going to thermal

    looking for input. anyone go through a switch from a violet ctp to thermal. specifically a prosetter to a suprasetter with chemfree 101. any big issues on press. was it perfectly seamless?
  17. rbailleu

    warehouse cleanout sale

    I need to get rid of some stuff. I need the room. make offer anything over scrap price. Baum 726B continuous 8 and 16pg ra. baum 420B pile 8page and 16 pg ra Theimer montakop 135 plate exposure unit Nuarc f32v3upns plate exposure unit. Enco 326 plate processor. ref/rec from a heidelberg gto...
  18. rbailleu

    vacation time ?

    I realize its ambiguous, and we solved it by changing the wording to days. 2 weeks vaction does that mean 14 days. or 10 days to me 14 days would be like almost 3 weeks paid off. what does your company do.
  19. rbailleu

    what a snow storm

    I spent the whole day plowing. city isnt done yet. anybody else having fun today.
  20. rbailleu

    new versions

    okay its 2011 where is the new version we are supposed to get. anybody got it yet. I have not heard a single peep from heidelberg lately.

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