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  1. IgnoreThem

    #!@*&% $#*! PAPER

    What's everyones guess on how much longer before inventory levels start improving....
  2. IgnoreThem

    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    Any Canon experts on this discussion board. Wondering if there are any Canon sheetfed press Updates coming in the near future. currently using a C700 and C60. doesn't seem like canon is putting much energy into this area of digital press recently. Thanks for any info if available.
  3. IgnoreThem

    Envelopes Window Digital Peel & Seal

    Does anyone know of a good place to purchase envelopes. Our distributer has pretty much dried up and when we reach out to manufacturers of envelopes they are not taking any new out of market customers. If you can point us in direction or are a wholesaler we could use your help or advise. We...
  4. IgnoreThem

    Intec Professional Envelope Solution CS5600

    Currently using a Xante Impressia for envelopes but looking at replacing with the CS5600. Just starting to nickel and dime as it gets older. We have never really been happy with the Xante. Does anyone have any experience with the Intec product. Cost to run compared to Xante. The ability to...
  5. IgnoreThem

    Digital MagneCote Alternative

    Looking for options of cut sheet magnetic paper. Have use the nekoosa brand for years but need a less expensive alternative. We print with a Canon C700 and C60 Thanks, Corey
  6. IgnoreThem

    Konica c4080 vs RICOH 7200 series vs Canon IP C100100p

    Short Version...Looking to replace canon IP c700 and c60. Looking for any advice (likes and dislikes) of machines mentioned above. The shop is adding a Duplo DC-618 to do most off the finishing off line. Will request quotes, machine above; stapling, inline full bleed trimming, perfect...
  7. IgnoreThem

    Large Laminating / Coating job

    Just received an order for 5000 5x7 double sided information cards (must be laminated). Just looking for advice on a machine that will allow you complete this job without manually "finish" cutting every card. This is a job that will be recurring with different information cards. As for now...
  8. IgnoreThem

    Xante Impressia - Help

    In need of help..The main part (bottom) of the unit that holds the transfer unit came apart. Needing a picture so I can reassemble.
  9. IgnoreThem

    KM AccurioPress C83hc

    Wondering if anyone has seen some actual prints from the C83hc. Looking at adding the C83hc. Only see stock proof prints. Looking for photo quality and banner printing; proof books, graduation invites, wedding invites promotional banners, etc. Have a canon c700 and c60 doing most of the work.

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