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  1. chriscozi

    INDD 16.2.1 Save Issues on Mac

    Noticed and confirmed an issue with the latest INDD update - Crash on 'save, save as, etc.'is back - the last time was a couple of years ago. At least you can export a PDF to save your changes to finals. A work around right now seems to be to save after each change you make. I would appreciate...
  2. chriscozi

    Adobe Photoshop - Workflow Change in Vs. 22.4

    There is an Un-Heralded change in the 'File' saving options in the new (22.4) version of Photoshop. I can confirm this as we are running the previous version on another workstation. To wit: We believe all the previous 'Save As . . . ' options which threw up a dialogue box that stated 'You will...
  3. chriscozi

    Support Technician Needed—East Coast

    We are in need of a Rampage Rip software support technician. Pay will be based on an annual retainer plus a per incident fee. All serious inquiries will be considered.
  4. chriscozi

    HP Laserjet 5100 PLATEMAKER PPD

    Hi All, I have a personally (me) customized PPD for the HP 5100 which gives the user OPTIONAL LINE SCREEN RULINGS and an ADJUSTABLE OUTPUT CURVE. My halftones look great on my Polyester Plates. Contact me if you are interested.

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