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    Looking for resources for new salesperson

    Check printing united alliance former pia/gate For members they have good video library lessons
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    Prinergy Connect 9 Rotate 1bit tif prior output

    For now I've created a rule in rba. It outputs imposed PDF to the plate size 0°, this PDF goes as input to same job, then refine as flats, then output with rotation. Then rule deletes everything. This work fine but it is such workaround, it pisses me off
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    Prinergy Connect 9 Rotate 1bit tif prior output

    If i rotate 180 - the starting point to shift along height moves to tail of the press sheet. In this case you would have to create a process template for each press sheet height
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    Prinergy Connect 9 Rotate 1bit tif prior output

    Dear Prinergy users, we've been making impositions to the press sheet size for many years. So in layout section of the final output template i've just making something like this: just for example: plate size is 1030x785, i'm putting my impo in the middle along width and along height i'm putting...
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    Kodak and Preps

    Don't know about third party, but you can always put on a Jack Sparrow's hat and sail toward your happiness if you know what I mean. Btw preps 2.3 really? Omg, I recently worked with shop wich used preps 4 and I thought those guys were unbeateable
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    Anyone using Euclidean dot and why? Sheetfed Offset

    same stuff. I've tried very hard to convince my colleagues that we need to switch from elliptical to round, but failed. Then I just switch to round - 5 years ago, no one noticed
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    Multiple RIPs within workflow

    Why would someone want to send 1 bit tiffs to digital machine? Prinergy has digital connectivity via JDF to some presses. And with 9.0.1 one should have 31 free licenses for digital press connections
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    Multiple RIPs within workflow

    You should run everything through Prinergy and get rid of all other RIPs. Having three workflows instead of one gives you x3 problems with everything. I am pretty sure that Prinergy can replace both those RIPs.
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    i1iO and i1Pro3

    aye, there was an upgrade program, true. But here in Russia they told us that we need to send our i1iO v1 to Switzerland to make this upgrade. And the total cost exceeded the price of the new one. So we've printed a footplate (that some guy made freely available for download) and it worked fine...
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    i1iO and i1Pro3

    Hey, I just found out that when upgrading to a brand new i1Pro3 I should also buy a brand new i1iO, though it's only a footplate that changed. Is that even legal? I mean, damn, $3000+ for literally just a piece of plastic...
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    Task Management software

    What about Jira? I think they have free cloud version up to 10 users free cloud version
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    Point Shape

    True, i just wondered if this shape is due to lower input resolution
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    Point Shape

    Eucledian 1200 dpi?
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    Point Shape

    If this looks well then what shape do you think it is? Certainly doesn't look like ellipse to me
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    Flattening PDF creates duplicate pages

    In my experience with Acrobat X same thing happens when there is an error on flattening. Basicaly one page is not flatten and file saved with duplicates for all pages but the one which failed. And sometimes you see the messagebox with error and sometimes you don't
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    Scodix Ultra 1000's series - price range

    Hi, do anyone know what's the base price for Scodix Ultra 1000? Or price range? I've tired from "effective managers" who cannot answer simple question without over9000 or so emails I remember old ultra 101 was around 500 000 euro or so.
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    To Work From Home

    @PrintingInLincs , some of our pressmen live in pressroom too, so they worked from home even before all this
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    New Predictive Maintenance Services for Presses

    Great, so now they literally telling us that they know what part will broke and when.
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    Print PDF for printing on glass

    Or you can make pdf file as pdfx2001 - acrobat reader/pro will show those with overprint preview on by default

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