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    Prinergy Connect 9 Rotate 1bit tif prior output

    Dear Prinergy users, we've been making impositions to the press sheet size for many years. So in layout section of the final output template i've just making something like this: just for example: plate size is 1030x785, i'm putting my impo in the middle along width and along height i'm putting...
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    i1iO and i1Pro3

    Hey, I just found out that when upgrading to a brand new i1Pro3 I should also buy a brand new i1iO, though it's only a footplate that changed. Is that even legal? I mean, damn, $3000+ for literally just a piece of plastic...
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    Scodix Ultra 1000's series - price range

    Hi, do anyone know what's the base price for Scodix Ultra 1000? Or price range? I've tired from "effective managers" who cannot answer simple question without over9000 or so emails I remember old ultra 101 was around 500 000 euro or so.
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    Press manager perfect ManRoland

    Do anyone have installation compact disks for press manager perfect 5.0.1 server aka "Advanced PECOM"? Manroland stopped supporting it and refuse to send us .iso images. Our pc with soft went down...
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    Printing Blankets for ManRoland 700, 900

    Which blankets do you use for ManRoland 700 or 900? What manufacturer and what tensile streght?
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    Stora Enso Classic Paper

    Can anyone explain me what exactly " coated mechanical book paper" (as stated in TDS, in other place they call it "pigmentized mechanical paper") means? I know LWC, MWC, coated, uncoated, even WFC and WFU. But what is pigmentized mechanical? Is it a modern LWC name?
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    Web offset inks

    Our local ink mixing station claims that there are "no metallic ink for heatset and coldset printing and never was". I know 100% there are metallic inks for letterpress, gravure, flexo... you name it I am kinda embarrassed, and have a question for biggest printing community on the web — Is that...
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    GUA Conference 2019: Berlin, October 29-31

    Is anyone going to attend this conference?
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    Grapho Metronic FM19 - Measurement problems

    We have 6 printing presses equipped with FM19 densitometers. Some of the those densitometeres randomly fail on measuring colorbar if the colorbar starts with 50% Cyan, 50% Magenta or 50% Yellow (System Brunner colorbars) We've tried to address this issue: upgraded firmware for all heads (so they...
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    Eco-perfect-dry ink from Huber

    Do anyone have experience working with this sheetfed ink? Any pros/cons? Maybe comments?
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    Preferred Packaging PP5003N

    Can anyone share service/operator manual for PP5003N machine?
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    Kodak vancouver

    Do anyone have contacts from kodak vancouver? We need their help asap with araxidb phone, e-mail anything...
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    Paper for Web heatset and sheetfed offset

    I've got a strange question to ask. what are the key differences between paper for heatset web presses and for sheetfed presses. Though i know the differences like porousity, difference in fibers and all of that but for sudden i wasn't able to answer the simple question: what will happen and...
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    Imposition numbering software

    Is there any numbering soft for impositions? Not the impositions themselves like preps, just for mockups.
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    Matkim fs

    Do anyone have experience with their fountain solution? Especially gold s-500 and sess.
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    Fascile sewing

    We've got a specification for book and in postpress section we've found this term — fascicle sewing. Do anyone know what this is? I've ran through PIA books and didn't find any term like this.
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    Combifix 8022 19 colour?

    Dear users of huber consumables. What is combifix fountain solution true color? we've found out 3 different at our warehouse all labeled 8022 19
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    Sonora XP — what about FM capabilities?

    I'd like to ask Kodak Sonora XP users — do you print Staccato? If yes — what size? 20µ, 25µ, 30µ? Do you have any difficulties with consistensy of exposure with 20µ? And what about your uncalibrated dot gain? How high is it? Recently i've heard an opininon from experienced person that Sonora...
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    Linotype-hell saphire ultra 2 manual

    Do anyone have a manual for the saphire ultra 2 flatbed scanner? Or maybe even full cd? Could you please share it? I've bought this scanner, but there was just scanner and cables. I can simple use it with VueScan, but would like to see original soft and manual. Tried googlin' - didn't help
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    Preps 5.3.3 Smart Crop Marks and Smart Fold Marks – KO

    Dear Preps users! Can anyone explain why there is a working KO white under crop marks, but none under fold marks? I've got one profile with right settings in it (i guess) but somehow it do not work for fold marks. Maybe there are any more cfg strokes i need to fix – looking for help, it really...

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