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  1. afilsonCSA

    Jdf / web to print question

    I believe we can help. If you send me your contact info, I will have someone on our team reach out to you. JDF is a world of its own and no two vendors or products do things the exact same way. The answer to your question will very much depend on what you are sending the JDF to after it leaves...
  2. afilsonCSA

    Looking for Specific Printers (Ricoh, Mimaki, Oce)

    Hi John, My name is Allen Filson and I am a Director of Professional Services with Canon Solutions America. I am happy to get you setup to run jobs on an Oce' Colorado 1640. I will pass your information on to an associate in Southern California. Is email the best way to reach you? Best...
  3. afilsonCSA

    Looking for onsite training on Canon ipf8400se in Fair Lawn, NJ.

    Tempops, We have training available. A local contact in your area is Jay Wuerth ( If you reach out to him he may be able to connect you to the right people to get this setup.
  4. afilsonCSA

    Color Management Training

    We can help. We have several classes on color management. Some specific to inkjet printing, others on applied basics of color. One of my favorite classes is called Applied Basic Color, and even if you have been in color management for years you will take something away from this class. It is a...
  5. afilsonCSA

    Printing Evolution - Thirty Years Past to Present

    Thanks Alois. Actually Canon employs over 23,429 people all over the world, and we manufacture products in many different countries, like Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, and the USA. Thousands of us work right here in America. Are you suggesting that "Blue Collar" workers are not capable of...
  6. afilsonCSA

    Printing Evolution - Thirty Years Past to Present

    As I am one of you, that has been in printing for 27 years, I have seen transitions, CTF, CTP, Digital print, Inkjet, etc... What you are calling the race to the bottom, may also be described as a race to efficiency. If I can find a way to print more efficiently than the person next door, I can...
  7. afilsonCSA

    Need help with Printer Selection - BW

    Thanks for the great feedback, its always great to hear a positive customer experience!! Our VarioPrint 6000 series has an outstanding reputation for reliability and very low costs. We at Oce'/Canon, would love to show you all of the options available that may fit your need. Feel free to...
  8. afilsonCSA

    Canon Solutions America is looking for Solutions Analysts for Production Printing

    Are you a Prepress professional looking to grow in the printing field? Canon Solutions America is looking for you. We have openings for a Solutions Analyst in Irvine, CA, Columbus, OH, Albany, NY, Houston, TX Overview: The Solutions Analyst, Production Print Solutions is responsible for...
  9. afilsonCSA

    Variable Data file format solutions for EFI Fiery Rip - How to be more efficient?

    Ohh... one other thing, the EFI Fiery does have the ability to process VDP jobs in their command workstation (you import the PDF background(s) and only send the variable data from Fusion Pro), but it takes some getting used to.
  10. afilsonCSA

    Variable Data file format solutions for EFI Fiery Rip - How to be more efficient?

    As others suggested, PPML should help you. BTW, you are not alone in this. Fusion Pro can output PPML. the EFI Fiery can take the PPML zip file and process it. By doing this your RIP will not have to process the same graphics and backgrounds 30,000 times. It only has to do them once and store...
  11. afilsonCSA

    Print coverage for pricing jobs - average?

    You are absolutely right, this is why we created "Ink Control" to give you the exact amount of C, M, Y, and K that a job uses when it runs; every job, over an entire shift or day, or based on a specific parameter you setup. With these reports you can reconcile what you quoted with what was...
  12. afilsonCSA

    Print coverage for pricing jobs - average?

    I would be happy to do so. As you may already know, paper plays a big role in ink jet ink usage, so depending on the type of stock the numbers will vary. I will give you results with a few different medias so you can see the differences.
  13. afilsonCSA

    Print coverage for pricing jobs - average?

    There are tools in the industry that can help you. For example, here at Canon we have a tool called "ink Control" for certain inkjet printers, that can tell you how much ink will be used on a job by job basis, or even to a side of the sheet level. This is a process to use when running the job...
  14. afilsonCSA

    Understanding the Canon ImagePress Line and Rough Price Points

    I would love the opportunity to work with you on this. Constructive feedback is really good for us at Canon. If you have any details you can share with me, I would be happy to see if we could assist you in the green cast you were seeing. This is not typical, so we may be able to help.
  15. afilsonCSA

    Canon c8000vp, ricoh c7100x, k.m. C1100

    The device holds a +/- 0.5mm registration. To do this it uses the combination of a second image transfer belt, in-track registration, a side guide, and a timing sensor help deliver accurate, front-to-back registration. In addition the user can also adjust the front to back registration, and...
  16. afilsonCSA

    Canon c8000vp, ricoh c7100x, k.m. C1100

    To be clear I work for Canon, but the C8000VP is a great device, it has some of the best quality in the industry. You have multiple Controllers to choose from, like EFI Fiery or PRISMA Sync. I'm not sure what you mean by "printing coincidences" can you elaborate? Here is some industry...
  17. afilsonCSA

    Pros and Cons Automation Engine

    I will echo what the person from Esko stated. Using an automation tool is more about how you implement it than which tool you select. You need to identify what specific processes you are looking to automate, things like bleed detection, page size, page rotation, imposition, trapping, font...
  18. afilsonCSA

    What Is the Difference Between Offset Printing and Digital Printing?

    First Let me say I work for Canon, just for full disclosure. Your Con's list for digital printing seems to indicate that your only talking about digital toner devices. There is a whole world of inkjet devices on the market that will challenge many of your con's. for example: Cons 1) Color...
  19. afilsonCSA

    i1 profiler pdf files.

    A lot of folks are using the FOGRA media wedge with the i1 for quality control, which you can find information about here:
  20. afilsonCSA

    Determining Spine Width

    oops, I deleted one too many pages. Here it is with the case binding info

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