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    Ricoh c901s

    Too bad Ricoh doesn't sell paper - Then you could just tell them the problem is that they aren't using Ricoh paper. But, no company would do that, right?....
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    Konica Minolta C6501 bizhub - Duplexing from tray 4-12x18

    You may run into fusing issue with this method. The coated cover stocks fuse at a higher temp than the text weights. Turning "CPM Down" on usually helps if you're having a problem. I don't know if this machine lets you change fusing temps in service mode - but if it does - that's your fix. 1)...
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    Pre-Press / Front Desk

    We are a small but well established company looking for an experienced pre-press person. Output would be for 4-color digital and 1 & 2 color offset. Because we are a small shop this job also entails being the front desk person - dealing with customers, answering phones etc. Must be able to work...
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    Xerox 700i Price information

    I would send your proposal to holscher (AT) visuallink (DOT) com He's the one who took over for Larry Hunt Publications If you're in the market for a digital machine, not having their subscription is a critical error. imho Saved us thousands, literally, thousands of dollars on our last...
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    positioning software???

    I'm curious how this works. I've always wondered if there was software that could do something like this (see attached)
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    Digital printing... plastic bags...

    Agfa... Noteworthy prints plastic bags with :Dotrix Modular. - YouTube
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    Scripting print run from PDF

    I agree with this method. Use Acrobat to split the file every four pages. Then drop all (1100) files into a direct-print hot folder configured for the booklets. One question though; If you drop 1100 files at once into a hot folder, what order are they processed in? Alphabetical? I'm assuming...
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    Can the KMC6501 fold an 11x17 in half while printing?

    Out of the four available finishers for that model, the FS-503 Staple Finisher (100 Sheet Stapler) is the only one that doesn't support half-folding. SD-501 Saddle Stitcher: Half-folds and center-staples up to 50 sheets for 200-page booklet-making ─ with nested half-fold and letter fold...
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    Konica Minolta Bizhub PRO C6500 Question?

    We sold a similarly configured machine a few years ago for $10k. I've seen them cheaper recently. A few things to consider.... How many prints per month do you expect to make? Konica will likely price color clicks over 7.5 cents each on a used machine like this. Plus you'll have to pay out of...
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    The 5th Toner

    Our Ricoh tech was in today and we were talking about different production machines such as the Xerox 1000 with it's clear toner and he said that the new Ricoh machine (not sure which one) has a mysterious 5th bay that isn't used, but he was told by the engineers it's for "future uses". So maybe...
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    More trouble with our C900

    Have you escalated this service request? A second bad board in the Fiery would have me demanding a new Fiery. You need to get an engineer in there not just the techs. It could be the mother board, could be the power supply or any other number of things. Replacing the fiery will either eliminate...
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    I need some advice abou Black and white machine

    When you say Books, do you mean saddle stitch or perfect bound? What size sheets? How many pages? Heavy Covers? Gloss? All things to consider.
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    Problem with Paper catalog on C900s

    Yeah, I've never heard of it before. For you and anyone else that may be interested; Here is every Service Manual, Parts List, Reference Guide, Firmware Update, etc, etc that I could round up for the 900 and all it's optional components. c900, - download now for free. File sharing...
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    And I Expected Quality.... (short rant)

    I'll try using PitStop next time to resize things, I'm not as familiar with it as I should be, and stuff like that is faster for me in Illustrator (As long as the PDF is 2 pgs or less). The enlarge or trim smaller options wouldn't work in this case as there are elements (that aren't meant to...
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    Printing for the Federal Gov

    If you do work for the Feds be prepared to wait, and wait...... and wait to get paid.
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    Problem with Paper catalog on C900s

    Are you running your CWS off the RIP or on another computer. If, like most, you're on a remote CWS, plug a monitor/mouse/keyboard into the Fiery. Run CWS and see if that lets you edit/delete. The paper catalog is stored on the Server/Fiery/Rip whatever you want to call it. The permissions for...
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    And I Expected Quality.... (short rant)

    We're printing sales guides / presentation kits for a new wide format machine from one of the big players that evEry Freakin prInter knows. It's a nice job for us. So, I get all the artwork in (PDF's) and none have the bleeds I need. We contact the client (a "designer" not the manufacturer) and...
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    Problem with Paper catalog on C900s

    If there are any jobs in the held, printed, or archive that are set to one of those stocks, it will not allow you to edit or delete the stock. If you're using the internal server for your archive, you'd have to go through and find each one and remove the association. If you're using NAS then...
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    Ricoh 907

    Relevant: Larry Hunt Publications - High Speed and Color Copy News Subscription is worth the money.

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