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    Pre-Press / Front Desk

    We are a small but well established company looking for an experienced pre-press person. Output would be for 4-color digital and 1 & 2 color offset. Because we are a small shop this job also entails being the front desk person - dealing with customers, answering phones etc. Must be able to work...
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    The 5th Toner

    Our Ricoh tech was in today and we were talking about different production machines such as the Xerox 1000 with it's clear toner and he said that the new Ricoh machine (not sure which one) has a mysterious 5th bay that isn't used, but he was told by the engineers it's for "future uses". So maybe...
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    And I Expected Quality.... (short rant)

    We're printing sales guides / presentation kits for a new wide format machine from one of the big players that evEry Freakin prInter knows. It's a nice job for us. So, I get all the artwork in (PDF's) and none have the bleeds I need. We contact the client (a "designer" not the manufacturer) and...
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    Can we start a sub-forum for Service Manuals, Firmware etc

    I'd like to see a section where we can easily find service manuals, bulletins, firmware updates, parts lists, etc. for different digital machines. Most of them can be found online in one place or another, but the endless searching is silly. PP doesn't have to host the files or anything, we can...
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    Xerox Paper, who's really making it

    It's seems to be common knowledge that Xerox copy paper (text weights) is Hammermill. What about the Color Expressions Elite Cover (comes in 60, 80, and 100#) Very smooth bright white uncoated cover and the Digital Color Supreme Gloss? (Xerox's version of Kromekote) It's not a price thing but...
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    Corrupted Fiery Controller?

    So from what I've been reading, this has happened to others... The controller (IC-408) on our KMC6500, turns on, does it's little numbers display, and then goes "FF" and stays there, forever. Can't find the unit on the network. The controller button on the c6500 doesnt light up. Hooked up a...
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    Anyone have a restore disk for IC 408?

    So we got a IC 408 and it's been corrupted. I should have used the Fiery Clone tool, but didn't. Does anyone have a disk image they could spare?
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    Heads up for Stolen Fiery IC 408

    Hi All, We had a Fiery IC-408 stolen in transit.:mad: Serial # is A0360Y0001977 It had upgraded ram to 1024mb Would appreciate a shout if you see it. Thanks,
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    EFIâ„¢ ES-1000 spectrophotometer

    EFIâ„¢ ES-1000 spectrophotometer Got a new one with our newer machine, and have no need for 2. 3 yrs old, mint condition, comes with the case and all the stuff. $500 shipped in the US
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    Building Insurance - How do you list your shop?

    We have moved into a new building (we lease space), and now that the year is up, the building owner's insurance company wants an updated list of tenants and the type of businesses. He originally said we were a commercial printer and the rates went through the roof. We run digital printers and...

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