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    Agfa polaris xtv

    Hi again, I can say that the problem is already solved: I found that problem lies in the Prescan unit, after I replaced it - everything is fine. Meanwhile, I saw there are white lines (looking at them with magnifier - very close to each other points) in slowscan - this is the result of faulty...
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    Agfa polaris xtv

    Hi Vlad, I have a Polaris XT, not Galileo, but that does not matter now. :) Yes I know it isn't ideal linear and I do RIP compensation, but when missing dots how/what to compensate? (values ​​that I talked about earlier in first post are from the non-calibrate plate.) Yes I know that the...
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    Agfa polaris xtv

    VladCanada, thanks for your reply. I know that any advice can worse the problem, but I have several years experience in servicing of these machines and I think I can assessing any advice, I'm just looking for some direction in which to search for a solution to my problem because I started to...
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    Agfa polaris xtv

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with an Agfa Polaris XTV - violet laser and silver plates. For small screens to about 20% missing dots, in 30% is 22.5%, from 40% up begins to increase and have 10-15% higher. I saw the white dot screens at high (70-85%) is not clean (there are black dots inside)...

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