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  1. printing4me

    Next printer advice please 🙏🏻

    I echo what some others have said. You need to step up to a machine that is more in the realm of light production or production that has curl control. With my Canon C700 I never really even have to worry about curl. The only time I notice it is when I have told the machine the wrong paper I am...
  2. printing4me


    If this is a serious question. What is your application, your expected volume, and your budget?
  3. printing4me

    Canon C710 with peel and seal envelopes

    They run fine on my C710 thus far.
  4. printing4me

    Who creates the artwork for your online print shop

    I haven't had issues with Canva files yet. I tell them to use these settings. (see image)
  5. printing4me

    RP530 Label Printer powered by OKI

    Anyone have any idea what kind of price range these run?
  6. printing4me

    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    @mongoose Just wondering what shut you down on the Canon? I run a C700 a bit older model and I am impressed with the wide gamut of run-ability on the things you mentioned minus the 16Pt and above stock. Envelopes (with kit)(not the small ones), carbonless, coated/uncoated, synthetics and what...
  7. printing4me

    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    @Alois Senefelder I haven't seen or heard of such a setup but I would be thinking the finishing would all be inline and straight to palletizing like a big web press. Maybe that doesn't exist but that was my thought.
  8. printing4me

    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    Here are some new images I took. I am voting for some kind of high volume roll to roll inkjet. I'd imagine such a machine would have stationary heads but some of the lines I am seeing that look like sweep lines are things that I have only seen in inkjet. Something like a memjet type of...
  9. printing4me

    Matte/Uncoated Finish

    @bill kahny Do you know if that would be true of the C700 as well? Do you know the behind the scenes settings that change the gloss level? On my C700 there is gloss optimization and all that. There is a more glossy finish when I use a coated setting vs uncoated as far as paper profile goes but...
  10. printing4me

    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    @gordo I'll have to do that tomorrow but it is certainly stochastic and not a normal line screen, that's what caught my eye to start. I'm 37, I can still see it without a loop ;-)
  11. printing4me

    Matte/Uncoated Finish

    I meant model to model overall not really gloss to gloss. Does it compare more to a Canon 10000 vs the Canon C810?
  12. printing4me

    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    @Magnus59 That's a new one for me :-) I had to look it up. Looks possible. I am going to refer to it as "roto" to sound like I know something next time it comes up ;-)
  13. printing4me

    Matte/Uncoated Finish

    Thanks for that info. Do you know the comparable models in the world of Xerox, Canon, or Konica? I am not too familiar with production Ricoh machines.
  14. printing4me

    Matte/Uncoated Finish

    No problem, thanks for the clarification. So you are saying out of the gate this machine shines (pun intended) at having the most offset like look in your experience? You actually need to engage the gloss setting is you want it to match coated finishes?
  15. printing4me

    Matte/Uncoated Finish

    Did you mean 10 variations of the machine or the C7200 series has 10 variations of finishes when printing?
  16. printing4me

    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    @Alois Senefelder, that is one of the reasons I'd be so surprised, one the quality that looks offset and two for it to be affordable. About 94 pages cover is slightly heavier than the guts but it's probably lighter than 65lb. cover. Distibution is probably every Amazon Prime member in the U.S...
  17. printing4me

    Matte/Uncoated Finish

    Who has the best game in town for a mid-range production copier that can look most like offset on uncoated stock? I love the finish of the Indigo of course but the price and cost of operation is out of my league. Are there any dry toners out there with relative success?
  18. printing4me

    CANON C700

    I am about 4 years into a C700 and it has been a great machine for us. We primarily run short-run, postcards, business cards, stationery, flyers, and the like on it. It has needed the LEAST service out of all my digital presses over the years. The refreshing of the fuser isn't perfect but...
  19. printing4me

    Do I need Indesign?

    Personally, if I were in your boat I would be subscribed to Adobe for the suite along with the stock image subscription.
  20. printing4me

    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    This question is more for fun than anything. I got the Amazon catalog this morning and the dot pattern caught my eye. It is a very fine stochastic screen and I started wondering if it could be printed with inkjet. If it is inkjet it is the finest inkjet work I have seen. Does anyone know...

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