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  1. mattbeals

    Prinergy 7.5 OPI workflow

    Is there anyone here using Prinergy's OPI workflow?
  2. mattbeals

    Mac OS X 10.7.x VNC clients

    COTV (Chicken of the VNC) doesn't appear to works too well when running on Mac OS X 10.7 and connecting to NON-10.7 clients. The "serving" Mac in question has 10.6.8 and is using Apple's screen sharing with VNC access. The remote connecting Mac is 10.7.x. Does anyone have a suggestion on...
  3. mattbeals

    Need device driver

    I need a device driver for Windows for a Konica EV-jetsetter 4100. Does anyone have this device driver? I have a new HQ RIP and cannot find anyone with a Windows version of the driver. The old HQ RIP disc I have is for Macintosh only. TIA,
  4. mattbeals

    Brisque Proof v4.1

    Anyone know what a Brisque Proof v4.1 with TIFF/IT-P1 and PDF2Go licenses are worth? I've also got the ProfileMaker software that came with it.
  5. mattbeals

    Bug and feedback reporting

    How many of us actually officially report bugs we find in software? I see on user forums such as here and other places that people find "bugs" in software. We talk about about it, we bemoan the "buggy" nature of one product, feature, etc or another. But how many people actually go to the vendor...
  6. mattbeals

    Which is "Greener"?

    Which is Greener: Paper or Digital? The Answer May Surprise You | The DocuMentor |
  7. mattbeals

    Is Full-Color the New Standard for Office Documents?

    Is Full-Color the New Standard for Office Documents? | The DocuMentor | Better figure out how to deal with Office files ya'll...
  8. mattbeals

    QM46-2 with 1.1MM impressions

    QM46-2 located in Washington for sale. Good condition, low use (1.1 million impressions) for three years old. Email me, NO private messages, with inquiries. Reasonable offers are welcome.
  9. mattbeals

    DSLR Choices

    As soon as my house has sold and everyone is paid I'm looking at buying a DSLR and put my PowerShot S5-IS away. I am partial to Canon but Nikon's are quite nice too. Looking at bodies that are under $1k what do you suggest? Depending on which body I can find some kits/bundles at Costco or...
  10. mattbeals

    Automatic image enhancement

    I would like to get your feedback on a program from Elpical called Claro Premedia Server. The main feature of Claro is intelligent image enhancement. If you are familiar with Agfa Intellitune then you have an idea of what Claro can do. It's not quite the same as Intellitune. The analysis is very...
  11. mattbeals

    PitStop Server 08

    Okay, not sure how much it matters to you all but I thought I'd give a quick run down of Server 08. This is by no means a complete listing of features; just what I can remember while I sit in the sun. Under the hood: Well we're not in Kansas any more. PitStop Server 08 is a real "radical"...
  12. mattbeals

    Kodak Veris and controller

    Located in the Seattle area - Kodak Veris proofer for sale. Available for local pickup or buyer provided shipping. Please send all inquiries to with the subject "Veris"
  13. mattbeals

    Want to buy used RAMPage system

    I have a customer who is in the market for a used RAMPage system to replace their aging Harlequin system. They are a small format shop, 2-up right now and need something more modern that can preferably also run their Epson 4000. Please send any responses to matt)*(mattbeals,com . Thank you
  14. mattbeals

    Graph Expo

    Anyone coming to Graph Expo? I'd like to meet some planeteers (I guess we're all planeteers now..........). I'll be working at booth 5838 with Callas and Gradual Software (just to disclose).
  15. mattbeals

    Terms and conditions

    So do I read the T&C's correctly where all the content posted belongs to PrintPlanet/What They Think?

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