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  1. printing4me

    RP530 Label Printer powered by OKI

    Anyone have any idea what kind of price range these run?
  2. printing4me

    Matte/Uncoated Finish

    Who has the best game in town for a mid-range production copier that can look most like offset on uncoated stock? I love the finish of the Indigo of course but the price and cost of operation is out of my league. Are there any dry toners out there with relative success?
  3. printing4me

    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    This question is more for fun than anything. I got the Amazon catalog this morning and the dot pattern caught my eye. It is a very fine stochastic screen and I started wondering if it could be printed with inkjet. If it is inkjet it is the finest inkjet work I have seen. Does anyone know...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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