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  1. scotts

    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    Well, we all have machines that can print white ink now. So no problem. Use packaging paper and lay down a flood of white and it looks just like the old paper. Problem solved. ;) And hopefully with the paper cost savings, it will make up for the extra ink costs.
  2. scotts

    Strike Ends at UPM Paper Mills in Finland

    If Finland customers were purchasing paper from suppliers here in the USA or suppliers of paper to the USA, it sure would.
  3. scotts

    Fiery Hot Folders: accessing over network

    Our automation is based off of Kodak's RBA. So I have some rules that take the PDFs after they are refined, and then send them to a VM workstation that has the Fiery Hot Folder software installed and setup on. This way the automation that was built in RBA does not have to be adjusted when ever...
  4. scotts

    Fiery Hot Folders: accessing over network

    I've had luck setting it up on a client to have the hot folders. And this way, if you get to the point of ever replacing your Fiery with an upgrade, you will only have to update the one client with the hot folders and not all your other clients. Works like a charm. I even have some automation...
  5. scotts

    Taking QR codes to new heights

    I knew something was up with that link. So I use an App to read all barcodes that will tell me where it's going before I agree to going to it. As I knew it was going to track me, and I didn't want to be apart of it. And in my shop, I don't want to affect my customers tracking either, when we do...
  6. scotts

    Ricoh 9110 Fuser belt ripping after 400-500 sheets

    Good catch. Keep your rollers and fuser unit that you used for the heavy stock, and only use it for that. Than keep another set for "regular" stock. And hopefully you won't have this issue again.
  7. scotts

    Ricoh 9110 Fuser belt ripping after 400-500 sheets

    I have not run a 9110, nor am I tech. But that sounds like a bearing or possible the roller that the belt rides on is worn. which would cause the belt to continuously drift to that side. The next time you replace the belt, check the rollers, and if you can't tell, measure them. And make sure all...
  8. scotts

    Prinergy and Preps 9 question

    Wondering if many have upgraded from v8 to v9, as I have read about Preps Page and Page Bleed marks issue with 9.0.2 / 9.0.3? And since even Kodak says if you use these type of marks you should wait until v9.5. Is v9.0.1 ok with the marks issue? Or are people waiting for v9.5? And now for a...
  9. scotts

    Apple M1computer

    We have not upgraded our iMacs either. But will in the couple of years if not earlier. But everyone is working with a secondary display. So if Apple hasn't updated the iMacs to have 27" displays, than we just buy and make our secondary displays 27" instead. And use those as our primary display...
  10. scotts

    Pantone Color Libraries will be removed from future Adobe updates

    Could this be a part of the thing with Pantone having multiple libraries for different type of media now. Where let's say Adobe doesn't want to pay for the plastic and textile libraries, but Pantone wants them included in the apps. So this will be a way to force the issue. It was much nicer when...
  11. scotts

    Pantone Color Libraries will be removed from future Adobe updates

    The problem with using older software like CS6, is that the Pantone libraries are out of date and thus the values are incorrect. I don't remember for sure, but I believe the Pantone libraries have been updated at least one time since CS6 if not twice. Nice thing though, it would get your color...
  12. scotts

    Mail Merge job - NO Sequence Numbers allowed.

    Or if you have the option to use infrared ink, and then when matching, you would need the correct wavelength of light to view it. That potentially should work too, and keep the customer happy.
  13. scotts

    Best envelope printer?

    We have a Xante Impressia, and do not like it. Slow and the color is not that great. Interface for the software is ok. But we do have 2 Mach 6 machines. One is a Rena, and the other is an Astro. Same exact machine, just has different branding depending on who you buy it through. It uses Xitron...
  14. scotts

    Ricoh consumable shortages?

    Contact your sales person and see what they can do for you. That is what I have done, and they have always come through.
  15. scotts

    Ricoh consumable shortages?

    I can't speak to the 7200 and 9200, but we have an 8100 and an 8320. We do not have any issues getting toner or other supplies for the 8100. But the 8320 is another matter. Either the ordering sites says we can't order any, but will let us with a "reason". And then it says it will ship shortly...
  16. scotts

    Canva Files

    I haven't used Canva, but hopefully once we teach our customers how to properly send us files using it, it will be better than the Microsoft products. Even though, some of the customers using the Microsoft products now are doing a good job. Hopefully this will be a shorter transition period...
  17. scotts

    Pantone: + or not?

    Maybe it's time all us printers move to a different spot color standard. Pantone used to be great when they had a "standard", but now that standard seems to change from year to year and sometimes inbetween. Add colors and then modify. It was pretty straight forward back in the day to setup the...
  18. scotts

    We cant get solid film

    I haven't done film in a LONG while, but have you checked your chemicals? Made sure you're "new" batch hasn't expired.
  19. scotts

    INDD 16.2.1 Save Issues on Mac

    In our shop, we have Synology too,with SMB3, but have all Prepress copy down jobs before working on them. Then when they are done, copy and replace. Sometimes we open files on the NAS, just to look at, be almost never to work on. But I can not guarantee what employees do 100% of the time.
  20. scotts

    Coca-Cola to Launch Paper Bottles

    Yes, here in Michigan, US, the deposit on bottles for caffeinated drinks and some others, for plastic, aluminum and glass is 10 cents per. Homeless, people with low paying jobs, kids, and some families in general return bottles to supplement their income too. Some do it as a way to clean up...

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