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  1. scotts

    Prinergy and Preps 9 question

    Wondering if many have upgraded from v8 to v9, as I have read about Preps Page and Page Bleed marks issue with 9.0.2 / 9.0.3? And since even Kodak says if you use these type of marks you should wait until v9.5. Is v9.0.1 ok with the marks issue? Or are people waiting for v9.5? And now for a...
  2. scotts

    KBA Rapida 106 color bar question

    We have two Rapida 106s, different flavors. But what I'm wondering if someone can enlighten me about the color bar specs. Why does the there need to be 15 mm of unprinted side edges of the color bar for the inline scanning. All the techs I've asked, they have basically just said that it is the spec.
  3. scotts

    Advice and suggestiongs on two sided impo proofing

    We are looking at replacing out Epson Stylus Pro 9900 that we use for our IMPO book proofer, which we load cut sheets into to mimic the press sheets. It's getting old, and lines ( which we all know means a new head at this point, too many cleanings and still not fixed ). It's been out of...
  4. scotts

    Brisque running out of storage - help.

    We have a Brisque 4.176.0, and we are running out of space on the hard drives. How easy is it to setup a NAT and have the Brisque mount it as another volume? And how do we do it? Company is not in a position to upgrade, so we in the PrePress department are forced to try and make it work, and...

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