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  1. chriscozi

    Customer file submission

    lol. there is a lot there subjectively that has everything to do with your business model and your customer base. nothing specifically to do with prepress, really. i believe in my first comment i stated very clearly that there are not insignificant risks with customer contact. you are proving my...
  2. chriscozi

    Customer file submission

    Only if you don't have a proper proofing process in place.
  3. chriscozi

    Customer file submission

    In my experience there is a not irrational fear of several possible occurrences. 1. The 'customer/designer' getting annoyed - possibly subconsciously - that their work is considered less than acceptable regardless of attempts to convince them it is 'just technical issues' and they take their...
  4. chriscozi

    Challenge 305 CRT (1997) trouble

    Hey - WATCH OUT FOR THE HIGH VOLTAGE ON THE CRT !!!!! Be really careful. Touch the wrong wire and it could kill you. Not kidding.
  5. chriscozi

    Customer file submission

    With apologies to P.E.T. - Parent Effectiveness Training. Always give the 'child' options. All options achieve YOUR goals. 'Dear Customer, we can generate the files as is and you will have to pay for them as they are and “you get what you get”. OR You can trust us and pay us to make the repairs...
  6. chriscozi

    U.S. digital newspaper ad revenue to surpass print by 2026

    I feel for the bird cage owners . . . (not really) :sneaky:
  7. chriscozi

    The Trainee

    Only a month? He's gettin' off easy. LOL
  8. chriscozi

    Kodak and Preps

    That USED TO BE the case. Now the standalone LICENSE HAS to be on the server if you want it to integrate to Prinergy - which is one of it's most useful features. Believe me that we, and Kodak support, tried to get it to work for MONTHS to no avail. They then tried to CHARGE ME for the time it...
  9. chriscozi

    VERTICAL Flip Book Maker?

    FlipBuilder. No affiliation.
  10. chriscozi

    I've Heard

    I like to tell the story to new hires about how there are two signs out side of a print shop. One says 'Magic Shoppe'. The other says 'Customers Needed'. Only the best customers see the 'Magic Shoppe' sign and really appreciate the work that goes on there. But the plain, ordinary customer sees...
  11. chriscozi

    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    Don't know what you're missin til it's gone.
  12. chriscozi

    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    They just updated it today. Seems to have changed the behavior for the better.
  13. chriscozi

    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    A new note about Illustrator for those watching this thread: We have used Ill for decades to create our die strikes. The last files we sent to the die maker got a note back essentially saying WTF? with all the extraneous lines. Sure enough the single die, created in Ill, as a NEW FILE, TO SIZE...
  14. chriscozi

    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    Currently using Qoppa PDF Studio instead. YMMV
  15. chriscozi

    Heidleberg pictograph

    Not a Heidelberg guy - looks like a software install icon . . . YMMV
  16. chriscozi

    Print Sales

    Back in the day there was a 'printer' in town who charged $5 for 1000 BC. You provided art or typed it on a non-repro blue layout sheet on the typewriter in his tiny lobby. Then he ganged it with others on 67# white vellum. People tended to use him one time. We joked about what we needed to do...
  17. chriscozi

    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    For those who say Affinity isn't the $ame as Adobe, yes, it is not the $ame. Affinity does have a TREMENDOUS amount of web tutorials available. And no, according to their website it doesn't yet import eps with spot colors retained. So there will be use cases for Adobe products. Not going to deny...
  18. chriscozi

    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    Search in Affinity Designer:

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