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    Need Installer Prepress Interface V 3.2 or similar.

    can u share you installer of PPI 3.3? thanks
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    Need Installer Prepress Interface V 3.2 or similar.

    Hi...thanks for answer... if you can share the installer i appreciate, and i know that i need windows 2003 or xp at x32 bits...
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    Need Installer Prepress Interface V 3.2 or similar.

    Hi... I have old CPU and i begin to get problem with hard drive and software... in this CPU have installed Prepress Interface v3.2 with omnidrive (serial port). so i decide buy need CPU or get another one to install all SW. but i don't have the installers of PPI. somebody can share the installer??
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    Suprasetter A105 Recorder error 71769

    could be two things.. the Schnneider Motor or Drum Motor have a problem or the encoder is damage...
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    Suprasetter ERROR 6306. Edge Sensor is Defective

    Thanks...already fix it.... it was the motor of the plate edge sensor
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    Suprasetter ERROR 6306. Edge Sensor is Defective

    Thank for you time.... i try to find the PID for disable the edge detector, but never find have it? I login in the container for service and developer.
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    Suprasetter ERROR 6306. Edge Sensor is Defective

    Hi... any help with this problem... I try to solve it, but i confuse about the error, the edge sensor is that sense the widht plate when you introduce the plate to the CTP... But this error appears when i turn on the CTP... and never goes online becaouse this. I enter in diagnose mode, to see...
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    X-Rite Isis 2 and CGS Oris Color Tunner Problem

    Hi... I try to use the nes Isis2 X-Rite on Oris color Tunner but i get error when try to configure, i ready replace the dll to update to Isis2 on Oris folders, but still get error 147 any idea..??? thanks
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    XMF Workflow 5.1.. Window Close after opening..

    Hi to everybody. Yesterday we turn on the computer like always, we logon on windows and when i start the application XMF the window or application close alone after 4 seconds, i dont have any error window, nothing only close. we format the computer and re install windows 2008 server, install...
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    RTI Rip with Topsetter CTP Heidelberg.

    Hi... We buy a Topsetter CTP with Harlequin RTI RIP...this is conected to the CTP directly, not shooter. The CTP works fine also the rip, but only have one plate configured int he CTP and only have one size for use... I make another size in the Topsetter Console... and Named in the...
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    Backup and Restore Workflow v13.

    Hi... I have a client with Heidelberg Workflow Prepress Manager v13.0. I remember that in the old version you can make a simple backup and restore of all settings and configuraion... In this version i donnt see how can make the backup or restore... Any help about this..??? Thanks... :D
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    Apogee v8 and FM Screening

    Hi every body.. What i need to install or use FM Screening on my Apogee Workflow... i hear that need Cristal Raster 3.0 but this is old right and i not for version 8.0 of Apogge and CTP system? thanks
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    Prosseter 8up, believe that is 2up. Hardware problem??

    You have right, my friend.. after try all options that i have...I ask about the Optic Head that i get, and this head is from a 2up (Prosetter 52 CTP). And that's is the reason that the machine start up as 2up and not 8up. The 52 Optic Head is blocked like you say and download some files to the...
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    Prosseter 8up, believe that is 2up. Hardware problem??

    Yes... I do this from the hypertherminal to the CPU board and from User Interface to.. The estrange is that when i change something in one PID or parameter in the CPU board.. I see that the Machine restarts more that once time....the CTP restart 3 times continues, but only when modified a PID...
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    Prosseter 8up, believe that is 2up. Hardware problem??

    Already do it...and still happens.. Thaks
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    Prosseter 8up, believe that is 2up. Hardware problem??

    Hi to everybody.. This is something really rare... i try to do my best to explain this case: 1 week a go i have a problem with the Optic Unit of my Prosetter 102 CTP. the error that i get in the User interface was the 3025 "The filter number is not within the permissible range." So i change...
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    ECRM Work Mate and Mako 2 Connection

    Hi... I need ask something. Some body know if is possible connect directly a CTP Mako2 to the ECRM Harlequin Work Mate Rip? What type of card i need to do this connection? ans also in the list of the ECRM RIP i donnt see the Mako2. I see anothers Mako CTP models but not the Mako2. Thanks...
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    Spinner Motor Repair

    Hi everybody.. :) I have a spinner motor from Prosetter 74, this spinner never make the locked after turn on the ctp. I believe that have a air leak...a second mirror tahta i have is damage from the electronic the technician say something about the driver card. any way... somebody knows...
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    SpeedWay Driver x64

    Hi... This end of week i replace the system for a new windows 7 64 bits.. but surprise when i try to install the driver that comes on the MetaDimension CD v12.0 for the speedway..don't works. Any body have install this speedway on 64bits PCI board is the old..use the PCI-X 64-Bit...
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    Agfa Compose PCI Card for Avantra Driver Missing :(

    Apis Driver for PCI Board Apis Driver for PCI Board Thanks for the Apis Driver....but don't work under XP. Maybe I don't explain well.. I have the interface and under devices in windows appear as uknow device..I leave the image of the PCI board that i have.. I use Compose Express 7.2R2 i...

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