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    U.S. digital newspaper ad revenue to surpass print by 2026

    Hate to see that happen. I love my quiet time with the morning newspaper and a cup of coffee.
  2. MailGuru

    The Trainee

    Gorilla Glue
  3. MailGuru

    Taxed on Maintenance/click charges

    Depends on the laws in your State, but, typically, if your vendor is charging you sales tax, and, you are charging your customers sales tax, then, the State is getting paid twice for the same thing. When your contract was first set up, you should have included your sales tax resale exemption...
  4. MailGuru

    The Trainee

    In large companies, it is necessary to know who the trainees are. Otherwise, how you gonna know who to play pranks on? Now, go out to the bindery and get me the left-handed monkey wrench.........
  5. MailGuru

    If Only

    If you're gonna dream, dream big, or, go home "I'm also going to pay you twice what you invoiced me because you guys did such a great job!"
  6. MailGuru

    Digital Press Operator - Central Florida Area

    Hey RUsure, looks like they've already made a hire. If you're looking, private message me your contact info, and, I'll keep an eye out for you.
  7. MailGuru

    Man Bitten By 7-Foot Alligator after mistaking it for a dog

    "Here Fluffy, here fluffy.....UGGHH! ..... Bad Dog!"
  8. MailGuru

    Man Bitten By 7-Foot Alligator after mistaking it for a dog

    According to the paper, the incident happened at 12:30 am, so, I'm assuming alcohol was involved. But, hey, this is Florida!, the Patron State of Getting drunk and doin' stupid stuff......
  9. MailGuru

    Digital Press Operator - Central Florida Area

    Thanks RUsure. I posted a while back, let me contact the shop to see if they have filled the position yet. I assume you are looking?
  10. MailGuru

    Man Bitten By 7-Foot Alligator after mistaking it for a dog

    Usually, but, in this instance, just missing a chunk out of his leg. It means "he in hospital".
  11. MailGuru

    Man Bitten By 7-Foot Alligator after mistaking it for a dog

    One of the latest stories to hit the news down here in good ole' Floriduh. Really, I.................just don't know what to say.................................
  12. MailGuru

    I've Heard

    Of course, you could always "flip-the-script": "I've heard a lot about your propensity to jump from shop to shop without paying your invoices....................Care to give me your version?"
  13. MailGuru

    I've Heard

    Depends on what you've heard, and, from whom.
  14. MailGuru

    Marketing the Print Shop

    If print is totally obsolete , as you say, why did you give us 7 copies containing over 200 pages each of your presentation, complete with story-boards, market analysis, statistics, and touch-points?
  15. MailGuru

    At the Trade Show

    Sooooo many places to go with that comment. Ahhhh, probably just best to leave it alone..............
  16. MailGuru

    v2100 upgrade to v3100 worth it?

    For the shop I used to work for before retiring, the savings on the click charges between the V2100 and the V3100 made it a no-brainer. It actually paid the lease payment on the V3100 and some left over. Kind of like getting the machine for free. But, that was when the V3100 first came out...
  17. MailGuru

    Need to reduce toner usage

    Had that happen to me many years ago. Really ticked me off. I was in sales at the time, and, the vendor was absolutely not going to send me more toner than our average monthly usage. I had to say, "look, if I'm doing my job right, next month I will need more toner than I used this month. The...
  18. MailGuru

    Print Organization

    Good info from gordo. I'd start with the SWOT. Also, as gordo eluded to, as long as you periodically check your paper prices, start saving your spreadsheet estimates as "products", so, you eliminate the need to quote (re-quote). After a while, you will immediately know what a particular job...
  19. MailGuru


    Mmmmm..........Interesting thoughts. Trying to digest the input. How do we fix this? Can it be fixed?
  20. MailGuru

    At the Trade Show

    Days later, back at the office......."I can't believe I bought that piece of sh_t machine! I must've been under the influence......"

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