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  1. agmfan3

    Adobe Alternative?

    I've been looking at Affinity, but I've been laid off since March and not sure if I still have a job. If I do I am going to look at switching the company to Affinity when the CC comes due again.
  2. agmfan3

    The Big Job was Going Great Until…

    Very interesting article.
  3. agmfan3

    Adobe Alternative?

    Still doesn't work, support can't figure it out. I just always drop the postscript file to my old Mac and use CS6. Might not have to ever do it again, not sure if the employer is gong to bring back any employees.
  4. agmfan3

    AB Dick 360 dampening system

    I know where there are a couple of these, sitting. The shop shut down shortly after I left, 3 of them I think. Idle for almost 20 years.
  5. agmfan3

    Adobe Alternative?

    I have the Cloud, I hate Acrobat, tried the tech support, that was useless. All I wanted was for Acrobat to open a postscript file. Good thing I still have a Mac running CS6. But with the virus, it doesn't matter anymore, I'm not even sure if my employer will call any of us back. If not this old...
  6. agmfan3

    Do you still have healthcare?

    No my employer offered to let me pay them and they would pay insurance, I am covered by hubby so I declined.
  7. agmfan3

    A virtual tour of Pantone Printing Press

  8. agmfan3

    A virtual tour of Pantone Printing Press

    I'm going to try to watch. Is there anywhere online that shows the press?
  9. agmfan3

    Envelope Printing

    You are not alone. I don't have much trouble from the Impressia, I have always had good luck with support also. But I know it's limitations and big envelopes just cause it problems.
  10. agmfan3

    Envelope Printing

    ME TOO!!!!!! I refuse to even try. I can run 6x9 but no on the larger 10x13 etc. Just causes me to say "bad" words and then I get in trouble.
  11. agmfan3

    Envelope Printing

    Sorry I have been off and busy, 500 #10 full color return imprint, $4.34, that's from the machine. Not counting my time to go get the envelopes, load and unload.
  12. agmfan3

    What's Driving Mac vs. PC Purchasing Today?

    I don't use a mouse, I have a track pad.
  13. agmfan3

    Envelope Printing

    I have a 2013 Xante Impressia, prints #10 envelopes fine. Rare for me to have a jam. Just ran A8's through it and only issue was I had to put a finger on the flaps to keep them from opening, somewhere around here I have a piece that will do that for me. But I forgot where I put it.
  14. agmfan3

    What's Driving Mac vs. PC Purchasing Today?

    I just like the "feel" and the look on Mac, the track pad is smooth, just "feels" better. I want to throw the mouse on the pc that is in my office. But I'm old and set in my ways so the day they say no more Mac, I'm going home.
  15. agmfan3

    CS6 and Apple OS

    I still have CS6 running on my older iMac, CC on my new iMac, and I am always going back to CS6, especially for Acrobat, seems the cloud version just can't handle a postscript file.
  16. agmfan3

    Affinity Publisher is released!

    I am going t look into it. Finally did the Adobe Cloud and not very happy with it. And support is a laugh, speak English to me or get someone who can!
  17. agmfan3

    Don't print direct mail - print meat instead!

    I will stick to killing my meat myself (deer) we like it and I enjoy doing it. :cool:
  18. agmfan3

    The most painful website for me to view

    But the local high school just had several admin and coaches busted for electronic images of students. Sickening. Yes, I'm in KY
  19. agmfan3

    Impressia Photo conductor units

    I keep a eye on mine via a web browser, I just put in the ip and can see all the info.

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