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    Trendsetter- Blue substance leaking

    Recently noticed a blue rubbery substance "leaking" from the bottom front of Trendsetter. I opened the hood and there is a lot of it inside the machine. The only thing blue I can see is that front roller. I am guessing it from the blueish roller towards the front of the photo. The machine is...
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    Printing on Removable Vinyl on Ricoh 7200

    Trying to run removable vinyl through 7200. Having limited success. Problem I run into is the lead edge peels the label off the backer going through the machine causing frequent jams. I can run permanent vinyl without much issue at all. The product I am using is MGX-1003 PRESStige 3.25 mil White...
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    Heidelberg Tango Drum Scanner

    $1,000 Vertical Drum-Scanner The Heidelberg Tango is specially designed for high-resolution scans. Vertical drum scanner obtains a very good sharpness and reaches a density up to 4.2. Even in dark ares the scanner recognizes slight nuances and is able to create an optimal depth effect. The...
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    iMac running OS 10.8.3 can't connect to server

    We have an older SGI server running Unix from aprrox 2002. Not sure what version of Unix that this is running. We are unable to connect to the server (AFP). Other Macs we have we can connect, but they are running 10.6 or 10.7. 10.6 connected no problem out of the box. For 10.7 we had to put some...
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    Vector Trap module issue

    We don't have any tech support for this so hoping you guys can help. We have been using 4-stage trapping forever without any issue or problem from the customer. Recently though the company that we do this work for reorganized and now we are dealing with different people for the same exact work...

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