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  1. Gregg

    Why would a printer not want to receive a layered PDF?

    Hi. I work for a publisher and we use printers here in the States, as well are throughout Europe and the Far East. I often provide layered PDFs, especially for jackets/covers which have Spot UV, Foil, or Embossing/Debossing. For me, it's so much easier to send everything as a single PDF, and...
  2. Gregg

    In-House proofing recomendations

    Hi. We are toying with the idea of bringing proofing in-house. This would be for all of our fiction jackets and potentially for our picture book jackets/covers/interiors. In the US we are used to receiving either Fuji Final Proofs or Kodak Match Proofs, although all of our US print vendors...
  3. Gregg

    Can I create a curve adjustment in Acrobat Pro DC?

    Here's my situation: When printing a paperback edition of a hardcover original, the paperback stock is more yellow than the hardcover jacket stock. Rather than individually color-correct each link, I would rather apply a curve to the paperback cover PDF to compensate for the stock. I can easily...
  4. Gregg

    Looking for a company that does quality Quark to InDesign conversions

    Looking for someone that can handle Quark to InDesign conversions of backlist fiction and picture book titles. I see lots of companies that advertise this service but all they are doing is a basic Q2ID conversion, saving the file, and sending it back to you. I need someone that will re-establish...
  5. Gregg

    Converting 16-bit to 8-bit for printing - yes?

    I am still correct in thinking that printers will convert 16-bit images to 8-bit before going to press? This would be for CMYK offset printing.
  6. Gregg

    Which is the best white point setting to use for print work?

    I am working to get all of our designers following more of a color-managed workflow and want to start by calibrating their monitors and repeating on a every 4 week basis. The design team are all on iMacs and I am using XRite's i1Profiler to do the calibrating. What I am having a hard time with...
  7. Gregg

    How do you pronounce GRACoL?

    Is it (Grah-coal) or (Gray-coal)?
  8. Gregg

    ORIS Flex Pack proofing system - is this the next big thing for digital proofs?

    For many years, our main component printer has provided us with Fuji Final Proofs. Fuji is no longer supporting that hardware and they are also having problems using that proofer with newer workflows. We've tried the Epson route before and have not been satisfied, so they are presenting ORIS...
  9. Gregg

    How often do you replace your Pantone books?

    Our current Pantone books are close to 5 years old. I realize this is pretty old and we plan on replacing soon, however, we just received a draw down from a print vendor for Pantone 522. The drawdown looked nothing like the swatch in the Pantone book, it was far more green than blue. We thought...
  10. Gregg

    Possible to modify the Optimize for Web and Mobile action?

    I'd like to create an action, using Action Wizard, that would allow me to downsample all imagery to 72dpi and apply a medium quality JPG compression. I am using both Acrobat DC and Acrobat 11, and neither seem to let you specify the compression settings within Action Wizard. Thanks in advance...
  11. Gregg

    ID CC 2015 changes the mod dates of links when packaged to an Xtremez-IP server

    Not getting very far on the Adobe forum, so I figured I would post here as well. It seems to be specific to CC 2015 and Windows servers using Xtremez-IP.
  12. Gregg

    Export a plate from a PDF - possible in Pitstop?

    Please see the attached JPG. The image on the left is a Composite PDF which contains CMYK+TextPlate. With Pitstop (or Acrobat DC) is it possible to create 2 PDFs from this single PDF; one being the CMYK and the other being the TextPlate (as shown in the JPG). If it's not possible in Pitstop, is...
  13. Gregg

    Spot Colors only preview in black - regardless of their InDesign CMYK recipe

    Recently upgraded to ID 2015.4 and discovered that Spot Colors no longer preview the way the used to. For example, we have a book jacket that has a foil stamp. We create a spot color "Foil Stamp" and assign it a color in ID. Typically, while the designer is still working on the file the spot...
  14. Gregg

    Fogra47 has a larger gamut than Fogra39?

    I was comparing some profiles, using ColorSync, and I am confused by the differences in Fogra47 (uncoated) and Fogra39 (coated). Have a look at the attached screenshot. The ghosted profile is Fogra47, the non-ghosted profile is Fogra39. I can't understand why 47's gamut is larger in some areas...
  15. Gregg

    Printing a .PS of a specific separation and including Blank Pages. Is it doable?

    Before this post gets hijacked or off-topic let me state that we are using a separation based workflow in which all text is a single ink (generally black) but on a separate plate from the process inks. This is so countries from all over the globe can print together sharing the same 4/c plates...
  16. Gregg

    Links Info in ID inconsistent when showing ICC profile

    Within the Links Info of the Links palette, the ICC Profile doesn't give consistent/accurate details. For example, I have an interior book file that has 20 links, all of which have the PSO Uncoated ISO 12647 (ECI) profile embedded. Out of the 20 links, only one of them lists that profile in the...
  17. Gregg

    Pitstop and Acrobat DC

    Is there anyway to get the Pitstop tool icons back, or are we now left with these lame generic plug-in icons?
  18. Gregg

    The mysterious 70% tint in Photoshop

    Totally stumped by Photoshop's inability to produce a 70% tint of any of the process colors. Create a CMYK file (size and resolution are unimportant). Fill your canvas with 70% Magenta. Now place the eyedropper on the canvas and you will see that Photoshop reads the color as 69% Magenta. The...
  19. Gregg

    GRACoL uncoated?

    Am I correct in saying that there is not a GRACoL profile for uncoated stock? If so, are people using a SWOP uncoated or FOGRA uncoated profile instead?
  20. Gregg

    Identifying layered TIFs in InDesign

    Wondering if anyone can suggest a way to identify layered TIFs placed in an InDesign doc. It is nothing that Preflight will flag. Quite certain Flightcheck won't either. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a "what's better: PSD or TIF" conversation.

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