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  1. WI-Flexo

    Overprinting of Black (default Swatch) In Illustrator place in INDD

    This is the answer... Uncheck this in prefs and your problem will go away!
  2. WI-Flexo

    Epson’s New Flexible Packaging Press

    Seriously considering one of these presses. If only it ran faster!! Anybody on here running one of the existing Surepress units that has an opinion?
  3. WI-Flexo

    InDesgin Document open times very long

    Just some ideas... Restart machine and check Activity Viewer App. Make sure nothing else is hogging memory. 1- Outline fonts... reopen file. Still takes a ling time, fonts not the issue. 2- Save file to desktop... reopen file. Still takes a ling time, file server not the issue. (if it is really...
  4. WI-Flexo

    Splice Tape on Heat Seal Pouches

    Looking for advice on splicing tape for Poly-Prop heat sealable pouches. Standard red press splice tape triggers the sensor on the packaging lines for pouches and also does not heat seal. Looking for any recommendations for a better option. Is there a splice tape that will heat seal? Is there a...
  5. WI-Flexo

    Barcodes under 80%

    M@CK Thats a great suggestion! I should have mentioned we have done this in the past. Sometimes though they do not understand the conversion, refuse to let us change it for any number of reasons or the end customer is many people removed (sales guy, broker, art house). So assuming thats not an...
  6. WI-Flexo

    Barcodes under 80%

    I would like to know how some other flexo printers handle customer requests for a barcode under 80%. We guarantee that barcodes 80% and over will scan on our printed products. We do this by replacing all barcodes with our own. Doing verification in prepress and at press during the press run...
  7. WI-Flexo

    Is there something I'm missing???

    Photoshop layer comps.... Create a layer comp of each layer set you want and export layer comps to specific file format or PDF. Not sure if this is a solution for your particular files but is handy to know regardless. Layer comp basics.... Open layer comp window and only show layers you want...
  8. WI-Flexo

    Epson Stylus Pro 7900 problems . . . .

    One other thing to double check is the cutter. We once had bits of paper on the blade that was scratching the prints. We thought it was the head also until we took out the blade and saw the buildup. Just a thought. Best of luck.
  9. WI-Flexo

    Esso job queue

    I think it has to be something in your ticket. I was thinking you may need to purchase an additional Esko "worker". But even with 1 worker the task should just wait for the first to be completed. What is the error specifically?
  10. WI-Flexo

    PMS color and formulas

    Wondering if anyone has any resources that list PMS colors and release dates. Basically what I am looking for is a list of release dates and what color numbers were released on that date, no technical info on the colors. Also for those who order ink and those who mix their own ink. How quickly...
  11. WI-Flexo

    EFI Radius - Barcodes

    Thanks for the info Stephen. Our CSR's manually enter them into the MIS and it comes to prepress without issue unless the original code was not entered correctly. For the most part it works OK but it seems there should be a "barcode area" in Radius.
  12. WI-Flexo

    EFI Radius - Barcodes

    How about any MIS system, not just Radius. How is barcode information fed to your prepress department to generate correct barcodes?
  13. WI-Flexo

    EFI Radius - Barcodes

    Can anyone tell me where barcode information is entered for jobs in EFI Radius? Does it give you options for different codes and possibly validate the number of characters entered for that code type? Thanks!
  14. WI-Flexo

    Deleting objects outside the Media Box (Margins)...

    Are you using Deskpack and Automation engine only? I know it can be done in an Artpro action list but not sure of what AE task would achieve that.
  15. WI-Flexo

    Car blueprints (vectors)

    Couple options for you. If you only need one vehicle I would recommend very nicely asking your local sign shop/vehicle wrap shop. They probably have it.
  16. WI-Flexo

    Branding your work?

    We personally do not add this, ever. But you may want to take a closer look at the printer marks inside flaps and seams of the consumer products you use. I think you may be surprised. There are very often indicators of who printed them (logo, company name, company icon etc.). You don't really...
  17. WI-Flexo

    Waterbase PMS Ink Formulation

    If you guys could please give me your general opinion of the following statement. "A Pantone color cannot be formulated strong enough to run in an 800line 2bcm anilox and hit color, they will always be weak. They have to be run in say a 500 line 3.5bcm anilox"
  18. WI-Flexo

    Best way to delete "temp" folder?

    That makes sense! I see the dilemma. If I come up with something else I will let ya know.
  19. WI-Flexo

    Best way to delete "temp" folder?

    No Title You should give "select file" and "delete file" tasks a try. We have found it to be a pretty easy way to select files or folders and move or copy them. Basically add "select file" in the workflow to select the "temp" folder and then chain in the "delete file" to delete it. See...
  20. WI-Flexo

    Low Volume/Qty Digital label press

    I would like to get any input you all might have on the low volume/quantity labels presses. We are a flexo printer looking for a small digital press for small size, small quantity items. These would be for projects that are too small for our flexo presses and they would be jobs that we just...

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