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  1. WI-Flexo

    Splice Tape on Heat Seal Pouches

    Looking for advice on splicing tape for Poly-Prop heat sealable pouches. Standard red press splice tape triggers the sensor on the packaging lines for pouches and also does not heat seal. Looking for any recommendations for a better option. Is there a splice tape that will heat seal? Is there a...
  2. WI-Flexo

    Barcodes under 80%

    I would like to know how some other flexo printers handle customer requests for a barcode under 80%. We guarantee that barcodes 80% and over will scan on our printed products. We do this by replacing all barcodes with our own. Doing verification in prepress and at press during the press run...
  3. WI-Flexo

    PMS color and formulas

    Wondering if anyone has any resources that list PMS colors and release dates. Basically what I am looking for is a list of release dates and what color numbers were released on that date, no technical info on the colors. Also for those who order ink and those who mix their own ink. How quickly...
  4. WI-Flexo

    EFI Radius - Barcodes

    Can anyone tell me where barcode information is entered for jobs in EFI Radius? Does it give you options for different codes and possibly validate the number of characters entered for that code type? Thanks!
  5. WI-Flexo

    Waterbase PMS Ink Formulation

    If you guys could please give me your general opinion of the following statement. "A Pantone color cannot be formulated strong enough to run in an 800line 2bcm anilox and hit color, they will always be weak. They have to be run in say a 500 line 3.5bcm anilox"
  6. WI-Flexo

    Low Volume/Qty Digital label press

    I would like to get any input you all might have on the low volume/quantity labels presses. We are a flexo printer looking for a small digital press for small size, small quantity items. These would be for projects that are too small for our flexo presses and they would be jobs that we just...
  7. WI-Flexo

    Proofing Folded Pieces

    Looking for input on how you proof folded pieces you produce. We do not produce folded items in house but do farm out some folded jobs. A printer we used to work with could proof the job with a partial folded view and the name of the fold if applicable (Z-fold, Tri-Fold, etc.). This gives the...
  8. WI-Flexo


    Have a customer interested in adding a watermark element to their artwork using Digimarc (Digimarc (DMRC) | The Barcode of Everything). Have any printers, Flexo or otherwise had any success with this system? Seems to be very little info available outside of Digimarc sales stuff and the other...
  9. WI-Flexo

    Anyone printing Shrink Film on a Mark Andy P7 with water based ink.

    As the title states, looking for anyone with experience printing shrink film on a MA-P7 with water based ink. We are having a problem with ink drying WAY to fast on the plate (Dupont DFM and DFR). We have tried two different ink systems with very similar results. Ink techs are at a loss but are...
  10. WI-Flexo

    Dupont DFR Plates

    We have mostly used Dupont DFM plates and are currently testing their DFR plates. The plates seem to hold a better dot but we have had some issues on press with plate skipping. Looking for input from anybody with any opinions or experience with the DFR. Thanks!
  11. WI-Flexo

    Deskpack and Illustrator CC2014 - Waiting on Esko, AGAIN!

    Just an FYI for the Deskpack people, or anyone wanting to use launch workflow from AI CC 2014. Working plugins will not be available until September at the earliest. I was told September but we all know how the scheduled release dates of Esko software works. Also trying to find out when Yosemite...
  12. WI-Flexo

    Anyone using DeskPack on a new Mac running Mavericks?

    We have been trying to setup Deskpack on Macpros running Mav. and have not had success. We are connecting to Automation engine 12.2. Support has not been able to find a solution and has escalated to global support. This has a tendency to take a long time and I am trying to figure it out in the...
  13. WI-Flexo

    Anyone with an Instaflex Press

    We are currently looking into purchasing an Aquaflex Instaflex press. Would like to get some feedback from anyone with experience with this press. Specifically on changeovers and ease of use. Any and all info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. WI-Flexo

    Nested Items

    Interested in how your shop handles the layout of nested items. Specifically in how you write up sizes and space between. How do you handle them in your MIS system. We currently handle them as 1 shape with the dimensions of all items together but would like to more accurately list the size of...
  15. WI-Flexo

    EFI verifier and Nesting

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use nesting on proofs while using the verifier function. My understanding is you can use one or the other but not both. Thanks!
  16. WI-Flexo

    Barcode Software Recommendations

    Looking for some suggestions for new barcode software. Looking to replace the program we currently use (mac barcoda). Please let me know what software you recommend and why. Thanks!
  17. WI-Flexo

    HD Flexo - Lowest line anilox?

    Question for anyone using HD Flexo. With the new screening on the HD plates what is the lowest line anilox you can succssfully print with? I know Esko reccomends 800's or above but with the new screening could we expect to be able to run spot colors in say a 550 or would we still be dipping dots...
  18. WI-Flexo

    Certified Artpro

    Anyone else using Certified Artpro? We have been using it since version 8 with few issues until 9.6. Now running certified crashes Artpro. This is true for us in 9.6.1, 9.6.2, and 9.6.3. Anyone else having this issue or found a solution? I have had a support call into Esko for 6 weeks and they...

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