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    Polar 92X For Sale

    Hello, We do need to sell this urgently as our warehouse needs to be cleared by the last week of December, so everything would need to be arranged quickly. We have available for $25,000 (freight and rigging would need to be handled by the buyer) 2011 Polar 92x Guillotine Cutter Programmable...
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    Polar 92X - 2011 - Well Maintained

    Hello, We have a Polar 92X for sale. It's a 2011 model and in great condition. It's been maintained by Polar on a monthly maintenance contract for the full duration. We are the first buyer and use for less than 1 shift a day. We are in the San Francisco Bay Area and the buyer would need to...
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    Oki 942 feeder centering

    Hello, we just got a used oki 942 and almost got it working well. Only issue is that the envelope seems to be feeding too far to the right so the printing is not centered. i don’t see anything in the manual about how to recenter the feeding guides. Before i start unscrewing things wondering...
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    Duplo x45 vs x46 series

    I am trying to figure out the differences between the Duplo 645 vs 646 and 745 vs 746. It looks like the x46 are slightly faster. But i can’t figure out what else has changed. Any one upgraded that can tell the differences? also, does Duplo still service your x45 series machines? Not sure if...
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    MBM Aerocut Prime Complete Air Feed Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

    we are in the market for a used Duplo 645 but someone mentioned this item as well, the Velocity edition. Did you end up getting the MBM? thanks!
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    Konica Minolta Toner vs Indigo Liquid Ink

    thanks for your responses. that's great to hear!
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    Konica Minolta Toner vs Indigo Liquid Ink

    Hello, We purchased a Konica Minolta 1060 and will receive it in May. After doing some more research, now see that the Indigo output results in a much flatter finish than the Konica which is more glossy. Since the Indigo was not in our budget and we are just getting started with printing. we...

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