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  1. choneysett

    Navigator 8 Reads PDF Title rather than file name...

    Another question with out new Navigator 8 rip. When I feed it PDF files to rip, I noticed it reads the PDF Title from the metadata for writing the filename of the ripped files. Is there anyway to make it read the filename itself? If I can having a matching input and output file name then I...
  2. choneysett

    Navigator 8 Ripping CTs at different angles than LW

    I am feeding a PDF to our new Navigator 8 rip. Screen angles are defined in the metadata of the PDF which the RIP appears to read fine. All spot colors, regardless of in a CT or a LW read fine. But the process colors are correct in the LW, but incorrect in the CT (which comes from a Photoshop...
  3. choneysett

    Colored Images in InDesign

    After running some tests with InDesign CS2 and CS3, I have found a weird quirk. If a grayscale CT is "colorized" with a process color, it is treated as a linework element upon creation of the postscript output file. If it is colorized with a spot, it remains as CT. This has caused some...
  4. choneysett

    WACOM Tablet Pen Tool issue with Photoshop CS3

    This is a problem unique to using my pen in Photoshop CS3. It doesn't do it with my standard mouse, or with my Wacom mouse. I also doesn't do it in Photoshop CS2, but I have not been able to find a preference to fix this in CS3. When I am cutting a path around an object, if the next point I...

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