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    works with i1 device only? quite interesting but i hope some measuring devices will also be mentioned as alternative. thanks for the link and the information sir
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    other more cost-friendly/simple device that can do lab check and dE comparison? a more portable and handy unit that even our sales team can bring in handily to align with customer? thanks
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    now in the hunt for a spectro to get l*a*b* data. can all recommend or give info what are the different device that can read printed films or paper to measure lab values and deltaE reading. thnx
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    dry and wet ink for flexo and gravure

    thank you. actually this is for costing purposes as we are preparing for our gravure press. what our suppliers wanted is measure weight of unprinted film and with print to get the actual. we need a sort of formula to advance projection and forecast as we try to bid and be qualified as gravure...
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    dry and wet ink for flexo and gravure

    good day all. can someone help to share average gsm of dry and wet ink for flexo and gravure printing using cmykogv process? please help... best
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    flexo ink calculation

    looking for help. if i have an artwork and knows the ink coverage, can i calculate ink consumption based on anilox bcm? hoping for help on this. best ar

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What about Profitability?
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