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    Thin Print Substrates - Konica Minolta

    I have KM 6120 and I use Lynx 40lb offset to print. My final book is 6 x 9 with a bleeds on 6" so I print 2 up on 13 x 10 paper. It works fine. I use Book/News settings 50-54gsm or 55-61gsm. It works fine with the either settings. I6120 works pretty good. I had Nuvera before for a very long...
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    Konica Minolta Accuriopress 6136.

    Does anyone have any issues on KM 6136, printing black solid box on the 60lb offset paper? THen paper is folded in half but a ghost image from a black solid appears on the page where black box toches paper. THank you
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    Fiery vs KMBS print controller

    Hello, I just switched from Xerox color press with Freeflow Make Ready front end to KM C6100 with Fiery. I think that Freeflow is a lot similar and more user-friendly to set up, convert, or manage any print jobs. There were a lot more available options with the Freeflow, then Fiery.
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    KM C6100 Vs Canon 10000 VS Xerox 3100

    Thank you very much to everyone for the comments. We are still considering V3100, KM6100 or Canon 10000
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    KM C6100 Vs Canon 10000 VS Xerox 3100

    Hello, I would appreciate very much if anyone can post any opinions on the following printers: Konica Minolta C6100, Canon 10000, Xerox Versant 3100. Which one is more accurate for color reproduction, closer to offset quality and very reliable. Thank you
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    Accounting / Job tracking software

    Does anyone know of any companies that can accept accounting logs from Xerox Nuvera and X1000 and import them, summarize all the jobs by account and provide final totals for all impressions based on account code. Thanks for all the replies
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    Between the KM C8000 and Xerox 800

    Hello, I've been running Xerox 1000 for over a year using all kinds of paper, from offset 50lb to coated paper and I have no problems at all, Most of the time I use Supreme Silk paper. When it comes to cover stock, I like to use Xerox Elite Gloss Cover. The reason for it during folding /making...
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    Xerox Docucolor Clicks

    i have 800 but i pay just one rate
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    Xerox 800 vs KM C8000 vs Canon C7010VP

    I just completed 2 sided personalized selfmailer card. Little bit more then 6000 impressions. It was printed on Xerox 1000, using Supreme Matte 16pt stock with heavy solids. It printed perfectly well without any paper jams
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    Xerox 800 vs KM C8000 vs Canon C7010VP

    Hello everyone, I've been using freeflow rip with 1000 for the past few past, since January and I don't see any problems. I had Fiery rip before with 5252 so I can judge what is better or not. Except 1 feature that Freeflow Rio doesn't have that Fiery had, I don't miss it at all. In case if...
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    Xerox 800 vs KM C8000 vs Canon C7010VP

    Hello, Do you use custom UV coating directly on your 800 model or do you use a separate UV coating machine unit. I have X1000 and I want to understand how do you do UV coating Thanks
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    Xerox 1000 and machine issues...

    Hello, My 1000 unit was installed at the end of Decmber and I also have a professional finisher with bookletmaker. I had some issues with fuser belt and colling fillters. Your fuser belt doesn't last long but I think it should last more then 50,000 imprers. My service guy says it's a problem...
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    Calibrating a Xerox DC5252?

    Hello, I've been running 5252 for the past 4 years. Actually now I'm running Xerox 1000. But 5252 had to be calibrated once a day if colour is important. And also keep in mind colour will shift from day one to day 2. It's not very stable as my present unit X1000. I calibrated a week ago and...
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    SuperStick Lamination on Xerox 700 Problem

    Hello, I'm using Xerox 1000 model now and I run into the same problems with my lamination company. They use OPP film which is design for digital printing. When I got my lamination job back, I could easily remove film without damaging any printed ink. Paper I used was Elite Gloss 18x12 80lb...
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    One side lamination

    Hello, Does anyone know what type of film can I use for one side lamination. Covers are printred on new Xerox 1000 model. They are printed on coated 80lb cover, 2 sides, heavy solids on both sides. In the past I used 2060 model which uses oil and my provider used OPP film without any probelms...
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    SuperStick Lamination on Xerox 700 Problem

    Hello, I have Xerox 1000 similar to Xerox 700, no Fuser Oil. Can you tell me which profile are you using on your Xerox 5000 which cuts down amount of Toner and Wax applied to sheets. Thanks
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    Xerox 1000 Install...

    I have Freeflow server with 1000 and Freeflow Make Ready staion. They both do work fine. Before I had Fiery on my previous Xerox colour printer and I don't miss it too much except imposition. To convert jobs to print 2, 3 or 4 up on a page was a lot easier on Fiery. But if you have Freeflow Make...
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    Printer recommendation - 500k B&W impressions per month

    If you can go for Docutech any models 6135, 6155 or 6180 - I've been running them for over 10 years and they are very reliable. I have Nuvera now. I like it too, Except don't like the fact that finisher doesn't unload as Docutech did but quality is great
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    New Konica C8000 Install

    Hello All, I read your horror story about 1000 install. I had mine installed a few weeks ago with Freeflow and its running very good. I printed linen paper and didn't get any problems as it was mentioned by someone else on this website. You are correct, 1000's counter doesn't work but Freeflow...
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    Xerox 1000 Install...

    Xerox just completed installation of my new 1000 press with Freeflow and a bookletmaker. I already printed a few jobs and saddlestich booklets - so far so good. I'll keep my fingers cross. My major print runs will happen next week.

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