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    Ricoh calibration page vs Versant. Why so different?

    I'll try to explain this the best i can, so we now have a Ricoh c9100 which is new to me, i've always run a Versant 3100. Both machines pretty much print identical colours for the majority of jobs but the Ricoh struggles with light tints and i've noticed there's a big difference in the...
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    Ricoh C9100, print size keeps changing.

    Hi, hopefully I can explain this problem correctly. I've noticed that our 9100 seems to jump in print size only on duplexed sheets and it's always the second side. So for example I'm printing a duplexed book that's 420mm, registration is fine at the start, but after a while side 1 is still...
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    Versant 2100 Owners, whats the duplex registration like on your machine?

    We've had our 2100 for almost 2 months now and when we duplex on lower weight stocks it struggles to print square, the first side is perfect every time but the duplexed side is always skewed and to the limits of the profile which can't be adjusted any further to compensate. We've had countless...
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    Anyone know how to adjust J75 Trapezoid?

    Does anyone know how to adjust the trapezoid settings on a J75?
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    Any suggestions for something after our J75?

    So we've had our Xerox J75 for about a year now but we're about to give up on it, the quality is not up to what we're after. Some of the problems that we keep on encountering are inconsistent colour, magenta not registering properly (we've had several engineers out changing various parts but now...
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    Xerox J75 Solids on 300gsm Coated Stock

    Hello, i used to operate a KM C6000 so i'm new to the Xerox J75. Basically i'm trying to run a solid colour (PMS307) on to a 300gsm Silk but the solid is coming out very patchy. I've tried it on 300gsm Uncoated and its fine, i've tried on a 200gsm silk and its fine. I wasn't sure if anyone else...

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