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    Next printer advice please 🙏🏻

    Hi everyone happy new year! I’m looking at upgrading my used xerox c560 with ext fiery my main reason is I print on 120gsm a4 double sided only, in huge amounts and my paper curl is horrendous with all types of paper. It’s the printer. what do I go to next? I just want a flat book at the...
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    Xerox c560 and change of room

    Since lockdown I’ve brought my office machinery home... into the conservatory... I’m worried as it’s hot in the day and cold at night 🙈 apart from keeping cool in the day with the blinds closed and windiws open is a small oil heater good to use at night to keep it from becoming damaged? Any...
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    Xerox c560

    I’m thinking of buying this tomorrow second hand... I do a4 only double sided paper between 120gsm and 300gsm duplex - does anyone recommend?
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    Printing advice please

    Hi everyone I’m new here in the search of printing experts... I run a small (diaryplanner) personalised business printing with one main product which is my own. It’s an oversized a5 144 pages duplex colour throughout. I need to upscale - I need to buy new/refurb machinery. Currently living of...

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What about Profitability?
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