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    Other Names for Spot Color

    I want to show new printing students a list of other common names for SPOT color. Solid Fountain Special Custom Corporate Logo Brand Pantone PMS others.....? Order list?
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    Delta E'00 l:c:h weighting factors

    Delta E'00 allows the weights for l:c:h to be customized. What setting/condition are you using?
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    Ink Fountain Metering - Ball Movement?

    Hi Industry, educator wanting to correctly inform students (terms & definitions) about different types of press ink metering systems, mostly for sheetfed offset litho. I know some webs, like coldset newspaper are ductorless. Specifically, would like to create a list showing how global ink sweep...
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    Dutone-Screen Angles-Color Flashing

    Hi Industry, just want to share with you a lab project we did in academia. Students printed a Duotone with dot-on-dot 45/45 angles, Moire with 45 & 50 angles, and Rosette with 45 & 65 angles. Used trigonometry to calculate screen angles, arctan(rise/run). Attached is a .doc with photos and a...
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    Impo Layout Term - on-out-up?

    Regarding imposition layouts, are these 3 terms, on-out-up, synonyms? Can they be used interchangeably or do they have different meanings in different context? Steve Suffoletto
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    Types of Color Variation

    I'm developing content for a lecture for my Graphic Arts/Printing college students at Erie Community College near Buffalo, NY. Your feedback is welcome. Steve Suffoletto
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    Consecutive sheet density variation?

    Attached is a document (14 pg PDF) showing raw data analysis (Excel) and initial results from a simple test recently performed at Erie Community College (Buffalo, NY) School of Visual Communications and Technology and Graphic Arts Printing. It investigates the amount of solid black ink density...
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    Students Proofing Pantone

    Students proofing Pantone 14 base colors.

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