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    Forum Categories Read/unRead

    I like how when you are in a Category like "The Lounge". You can see which threads you read, if they are Bold they are unread. It used to be this way in the Category listing as well but a recent update I think broke this. Am I the only one seeing this?
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    Fusion Pro text frame shifting

    We have tested out Fusion Pro several times and no matter which version. We still run into the same problems. When we mark a text frame within InDesign as variable. When the PDF is exported to Fusion Pro, the text frame isn't in the same spot it was within InDesign. Does anyone have a solution...
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    Pulling Closed jobs

    We have an MIS system were I can export to a text file the job numbers closed in a certain time frame. Based on this I am wanting to find, buy, or program a solution to move the closed jobs in our "Jobs"/"Client Folder" to an archive folder so an operator can manage what needs to be archived or...
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    Customer Folder Management

    I would like to get feedback from others on the structure of your customer/client/job folder. I realize every job will have its own folder, but where does the job folder reside. Currently we have a folder for each customer and inside of that folder is the job folder Example: Customer A > Job...
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    Epicor for Printing and Packaging

    Is anyone using Epicor for their MIS/ERP system? Anyone look at it? I am looking for feedback. Good, bad, or indifferent. You can PM if you feel more comfortable.
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    Forum Changes

    <begin rant <rant --Begin Rant I noticed how some of the Forum Headings are merging with others. One forum "Technology Help Desk" is sorted Oldest to Newest, while all the others are just the opposite. I still can't use the Forum Tools within a Forum, and it has been this way for months. A...
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    Pace User Feedback

    We are looking at Pace and a few other MIS systems. I would like to get good and bad feedback from Pace users only. If you don't feel comfortable posting publicly, you can send me a private message. Thanks, Brian
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    Forum Tools not working

    Is anyone else having problems with the Forum Tools not working here? When I am in a Forum, say Lounge, and have read the topics I am interested in and not others. I would normally select the Forum Tools at the top right of the Threads and select Mark all as read, or something along those lines.
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    PolaProof 2230 Imager and Finishers for Sale

    We have 1 PolaProof 2230 Imager and 2 PolaProof Finishers for sale. The finishers work fine. The PolaProof had one of the Power Supply boards go out but everything else worked fine. This would be a good machine for spare parts.
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    Control Separations when making a PDF

    This originally started out in the following thread: Rather than hijack the thread, I thought I would create a new one. The Prepress Technician checks to make sure the file is built with the correct colors...
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    Feedback on JetLetter PSL?

    I would like to hear peoples feedback on what they think of JetLetter PSL. I know "Digital Press Guy" works for them and would like to hear from others. Are there any other alternatives for Trans-promo VDP software which is not specific to one vendors hardware, like the way VIPP is from Xerox...
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    Image printing in Black ink. Grayscale or RGB colorspace?

    I have a client who sent in an RGB image which has the color removed; ie one spot on the photograph has the same amount of RGB. The client wants this to print just using Black ink. Is this how you would provide the file? Or would you convert it to grayscale before sending to the printer?
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    Screen Angles: Why are they 15, 45, 75 and 90?

    Since there can be a moire between angles 75 and 90. Would it make more sense to have the 4 colors evenly divided among the 90 degrees. ie 22.5, 45, 67.5, 90?
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    Name of Web to Print

    The fundamental name of Web to Print means the only thing it does is print. This is far from reality. Web to Print encompasses email, PURL's, SMS messages, even possibly audio and Video. My thought is to call it something different. At first I was calling it Web to Whatever, which includes just...
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    Costs of a Printing Press vs Prepress Hardware/Software

    I was just reading in another forum how the person was saying when you buy a Printing Press you will be able to use it enough long time to pay it and earn money before having to replace it. This person went on to say software is expensive and before they have earned money with the current...
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    Web2Print and Multi-Channel Communications

    I have done my research on InfoTrends Ultimate Guide for Web to Print and wanted to make sure I didn't exclude anyone from the list. NOTE: We are looking for a system with all of the following features in one system, not several systems. We are looking for: Retail Store Fronts Browser-Based...
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    Nexus PDF workflow with Preps

    Is anyone out there using Preps with the Nexus PDF workflow? I am curious how you print from Preps, ie JDF out, and what you do with your JDFMarksFlats folder. Thanks in advance
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    Quark Composite Workflow

    We have been using a separated workflow for years and are now switching over to a composite PDF workflow. Here is my problem. I have an Illustrator eps file with spot colors. The Illustrator file is placed into Quark 6, 7 or 8 and the spot color check box is not checked. When we print separated...
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    JDF Imposition of PDF's

    Does anyone do Imposition with a PDF's with an application like Dynastrip, Preps, etc and then output a JDF? We are just starting out with a PDF workflow and in Preps the marks get output to a PDF inside of the JDFMarksFlat folder. Is this a Preps thing or a JDF thing?
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    PDF Workflow problems with Preps

    I am having one big issues and 1 small issue. Background: We have been using Preps for years with the Mixed Job method and are working on switching to a PDF workflow which requires us to use the PDF -> PDF Job method. We are using Preps 5.3.2 and a Nexus PDF Rip. First the big issue: We use...

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