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    Nexpress feeder

    Deep pile long sheet feeder for kodak nexpress for sale.
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    Duplo machines / europe

    Hi, have some duplos for sale - location europe / shipping europe: 1. Duplo dbm 150 - 2015 - like new, with SXS kit and small booklet kit - count 20.000 2. Duplo dbm 350 - 2010 - good, - count 2 mil. 3. Duplo dc 445 - 2010 - with the bridge module - can work as stand alone or as feeder for other...
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    Duplo manuals

    HI, someone has duplo service manuals? Need for the dbm150
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    Kodak nexpress feeder

    For sale large format feeder for nexpress (baum model) shipping Europe. Pm for other details.
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    Ricoh c7100 / c7200 with totalflow

    HI does anybody have the 7100 or 7200 with totalflow rip? have some questions..
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    booklet maker

    hi, we want to upgrade our bookletmaker and have a question that i cant find.. we have narrowed down to this 3 units (we will buy used - all are in "cca" same price range): 1. horizon SPF 20A 2. duplo 3500 3. bourg BDF do someone know if one of this machine can be fed sheet-wise -> like...
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    Polar 58em clamp problem

    Have problem i think it could be hydraulic problem.. When i press both bottons 50% its ok, 50 the machine starts (motor starts for a moment) then stops- clamp does not come down. Sometimes i have to try 10 times before the clamp works and i can make a cut. What could be the priblem? Buttons are...
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    new KM c1060 or used ricoh c751

    HI, what should I take? I dont do big production, but need good image quality and good registration. Thre price for this 2 machines is the same, ricoh has 500K clicks. Service, click rates are almost the same.
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    Ricoh c5100s

    HI looking for info on the new ricoh c5100/5110s machine. Do someone allready have one? How is it? Problems? There is no user review on net.
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    advice on 5000AP vs C6000L

    hi, please for advice. I can get for allmost the same price a xerox 5000AP with 900k and KM6000L with 100k. I like both machines, like the xerox gloss, wich i cant get with KM, butt allso the matt from KM, which i cant get on 5000AP (or can I?) Printing 80% on 300gsm coated. I think both have...
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    max page (over)sizes in light production machines km, xerox etx

    HI - i am looking for a machine upgrade and would like to get max length of print as possible (need for specific job) so i am searching for some info on max page size/oversize, that light production machines can print (mostly thru bypass tray) You cant find these info. in spec. sheets, but i...

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