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    Online preflight and layout validation software service

    I would say most; if not all, print companies handing the volume you are referring to are using some kind of automation engine for their prepress workflow. If you are looking for actual names of this kind of software; in addition to most manufacturers having "something", Esko and Enfocus are big...
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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    It is mean to be a stand alone tool. Once I get the basics rock sold I might entertain opening up the API and allowing for a custom scripted workflow, but that is quite a ways off still. Did you have any feedback or specific feature requests? I am currently in the process of creating the beta...
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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    Yeah that might be the best option at the moment. Hopefully I can have something figured out for the next release. That bug aside what missing features do you feel are a must have?
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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    Scotts, Thank you for testing and providing feedback. I believe points 3 and 4 are valid and will be addressed in the next version. Regarding point 6. I might need a bit more clarification on this. You are correct this version defaults to treating input pdf's as an image which serves as a down...
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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    That's good to hear about the error. You are correct whatever is uploaded will resize to the dimensions defined in the job settings. Mainly I took that approach for workflows that use jpg's or png files that have low resolution but extra large dimensions. Basically if you want a finished 3" x 3"...
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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    Justin, Thank you for your feedback. Do you remember what the error message you received was? I would like to investigate that issue. As for the PDF import issue; because of the vast variations of input pdfs I assumed would come in, I settled on converting based on the size of the bleed box. My...
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    Variable Data Printing Software - Need Feedback

    To avoid any confusion I would like to be upfront. This is not a product promotion post. There is nothing for sale. I am simply wanting to open up a dialog with other printers about where I should take this project next. The site is free to use. I’m not mining data. I’m just looking for a few...
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    Automating imposition of multiple jobs

    I just created a post for a new VDP software in its testing phase. Depending on your datasource I believe it might do exactly what you are trying to accomplish in its current state. I would be really interested in your feedback on this type of job. You can view the software here: but...

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