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    Xerox 800/1000 yellow toner problems

    Im looking for a bit of technical assistance here. Since acquiring my refurbished Xerox 800, I have had problems with the yellow toner coverage. Within 20,000 impression the yellow toner goes out dramatically. I have had technicians say it environmental, so I have adjusted room temperatures to...
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    Versant 80 and Xerox 800 image problem.

    I have a very weird problem occurring when I run a 330mm by 487mm sheet on my xerox machines. On the versant Im getting what looks to be a piece of registration code in the same place on every sheet. A similar mark occurs when I run the same large sheet size on the 800, however, its only on the...
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    Neopost Service Australia

    Im asking for feedback regarding experience with Neopost Service, particularly in NSW.
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    Australian Paper Supplier Mergers and how it will affect our Printing businesses

    Wow, it can’t get any worse than it is right now. The international takeover / merger between KW Doggett and BJ Ball is already having a negative impact on our industry. As it stands in Australia at the moment, we now have only 2 large paper suppliers, Spicers and the new BJ Ball / KW Doggett...
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    Duplo PUR 2000 perfect binder problems

    We have had our Duplo PUR 2000 perfect binder for about 10 months and we have had continuing problems with the glue length consistency since we acquired the machine. Approximately 20% of the books we bind are effected. The glue cuts out at various points in the book. Some times it is only by a...

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What about Profitability?
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