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    Adhesive Vinyl on Flatbed UV

    Hoping for some advice! We are in the process of replacing our latex printer that is on its last legs, and in the meantime moving what we can to our flatbed UV printer (Oce Arizona 1260 GT) We have been running some adhesive vinyl that is spec'd for UV printing and having problems with ink...
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    Soft Proofing a Gradient with Spot Colors

    I am stumped. We have a customer that we run a gradient of PMS 296 C to 281 C on just about everything we print for them. The 296 C appears on screen very muted. There's no production issue, but as we end up sending PDF proofs to the customer, I have no answer for them on the appearance on...
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    Acrobat "Review" Function

    Has anyone used the new "Send for Review" function in Acrobat? I'm wondering how it might do as an option for sending PDF proofs... I've done a couple of tests, and I like that it can be reviewed right in the browser and comments and such added without the "hassle" of downloading, saving and...
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    Folding Against Grain

    Hi All! I've been working on a project in which our client's design requires 4 folds diagonal to the paper edge. It's an 80# Gloss cover stock, digitally printed. We had previously used a die to score and cut, but finding that we cannot get the flaps to lay flat enough due to the folds all...

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What about Profitability?
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