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    Ricoh 7200 paper catalog setup trouble

    Hello, We just purchased one of the Ricoh 7200 after hearing so many good things on it and right off the bat we started having issues with image placement and registration on the sheet. They have narrowed it down to our paper catalog that evidently did not transfer properly from an older...
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    Splatter/reactive target printing

    I am trying to figure out how to print reactive targets. For those of you who don't know they are basically shooting targets where there is a brightly colored ink below a black overprint where the black overprint is not really stuck that well so when they are hit it flakes off in that area. I...
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    Ricoh killed my service contract during covid-19 now looking for advice on black and white machines.

    Among everything else I have to worry about at the moment it looks like I will be forced to do something with our black and white digital machines? I have 5 Ricoh EX150's or known as digi's that we put roughly 1.9m clicks on a month during normal times. Ricoh gave me 30 days on our service...
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    CTP affordable recommendations

    I currently have a Heidelberg prosetter that is a little over 10 years old. I was just informed they are stopping production on the violet silver plates we use. They are telling me if we had over a 5mw laser we could keep using the prosetter with a different plate unfortunately I believe that...
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    Southeast paper suppliers/mills who are you using?

    Can someone help with paper suppliers in the southeast? We are just outside of Memphis and have been battling with suppliers on rising prices and mainly just keeping up with demand and we are now to the point of looking for other options. We currently deal with Mac, Athens and Veritiv and have...
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    Downsizing from and Igen 4 to KM 1100 Ricoh 9110??

    We currently run an Igen 4 and for the most part we are happy with it. We do have issues with it picking on occasion and it of course goes down occasionally like any other machine. Xerox has continued to raise our clicks to a very high level and I am wondering if one of the smaller machines...

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