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    Advice needed on digital printed wrist bands

    If you do decide to go offset, make sure you use a hard dry ink, oil base and rubber base will not dry very fast on tyvek.
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    Press Operator

    We are looking to hire a KBA Performa 74 press operator in the Houston Area. Offset Press Operator III
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    processless ...or not?

    Yes, I am a press operator. Right now I operate a KBA Performa 74 4 color. I also run small 2 color presses and I’m experienced in large format as well.
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    processless ...or not?

    I use the "old" ones, my mind cannot wrap around a processless plate!! The coating that comes off has to do contamination to your water system a lot faster than normal!! I've had a few sales people try and to convince me otherwise, but nope!!
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    gloss spot varnish HELP

    Cost wise it would be better than having to go through all that. Putting a varnish over a coating is a big risk. Unless it’s snowing powder in your delivery area, there is no way your not going to have waste from sticking. I’ve been in the business for over 30 and I’m the production manager for...
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    Inkjet recomendation

    Hello All, Our shop is looking to acquire a small format inkjet machine. We are looking to print stationary and envelopes any where from an A-2 to a 10x13 envelope. Any suggestions on who or what to look for?
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    Old KBA 104 4 colors, printing with 2 colors

    We run a KBA Performa 74- 4 color, we do one and two color all the time. Just put some roller lube on the rollers (like Aqazi mentioned) and disengage the unit.
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    Azura TE Light Sensitivity...

    I have been running these plates for years and never had a sensitivity problem, you could have a bad batch. What is the use by date on the box? These only really have about a year shelf life.
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    Perfect binders- what's the best?

    Thank you markhunt, I have actually spoken to Frits and he has come and seen me here at my employer. He is one of the first guys that I spoke with about a perfect binder. thanks for the info :-)
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    Perfect binders- what's the best?

    halmac, what type of work are you putting through on your Horizon?
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    Perfect binders- what's the best?

    Do you have distributors in the United States?
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    Perfect binders- what's the best?

    We are looking to possibly purchase a perfect binder and looking at one the uses the PUR glue. Can anyone give me an idea which one is the best? We are going from using an old Rosback 880 to a much better upgrade hopefully. Thanks for your help :-)
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    Rollers!! (why,why)

    We were using Bottcher in our shop but after many rollers being cut wrong or taking almost 4 months waiting on our rollers to come back we changed over to Pacesetter. They got our rollers in and out in 30 days!! This four sets we have on now have been in almost a year and a half.
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    perfecting press speed

    Are you in Houston?
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    OMC powder spray unit

    Does anyone know a company that carries parts for OMC spray units? I have an old one that the small screw in nozzle broke off and now I have a press down. HELP!!!
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    Plate Remakes

    We have someone that does proofing after prepress does the layout. Then we have someone else ( me) that looks at the images on the pc for layout, proper color densities , bleeds, sizes and cut marks. I also make sure that everything is in it's proper order , such as the layout of a magazine. We...
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    Hostmann-steinberg/huber ink

    We have been using it for over 6 years on a KBA Performa 74 . We have tried to run other inks but have not gotten the quality or the colors like we do from Hostmann-Steinberg!!
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    Ryobi 3302/ ABDICK 9995a LOWER FEED ROLLER

    That is not a rubber sleeve, the rollers are attached to the rod and it comes in one piece. If your replacing it, the whole rod has to be replaced.
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    AB dick 360 registration?

    I'm curious to find out if you found a solution?

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