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    The future of PDF editor softwares - PACKZ vs ArtPro+

    Hi Mark There is nothing to compare. ArtPro+ if far from a production tool. Esko is trying to build a nice software with an original UI, but it's useless for now. As they say, "You can check quality..." so you can see the colors of your job, images resolutions, document boxes, checking ink...
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    The future of PDF editor softwares - PACKZ vs ArtPro+

    This drupa will be the good place (and the good moment) to test and compare PACKZ , the native PDF editor from Hybrid Software, and ArtPro+, the brand new tool from Esko that put the pack and label specifics tools of ArtPro (original) to a new software, PDF native too with a totally new UI. Some...
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    Nexus 8.1 Manager New Process curve but fail on Spot Colours

    You have to set the default curve (for me with the magenta data) to manage with spot color. I'm using this setting for years without problem
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    FoldUP 3D plugin for Illustrator

    FoldUP 1.5 FoldUP 1.5 Hi Comnet had recently updated FoldUP 3D to made it compatible with Illustrator CS 5. Not a new version, but it work fine for simple task. You can fold your box project easy by selecting angle for each crease line, make a picture or a movie with it, or send the free...
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    Founder PaSharp

    Esko, never all alone Esko, never all alone Hello, We all need concurrents solutions to do a better job, even Esko. I can't figure how the other companies (Agfa, Fuji, Kodak... uhh sorry not Kodak) let Esko getting the monopoly on packaging workflow. Esko products are expensive, destructive...

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