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    Wanted Fuji XMF Operator

    We are looking to hire a Fuji XMF workflow expert for remote training purposes. Please Contact Dave at 954 648 7956
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    Wanted Fuji XMF Operator

    Wanted an experienced Fuji XMF pre-press operator for consolidating and training services. Please contact David at 1 954 648 7956 ASAP!
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    Fuji XMF Expert

    Wanted Fuji EMF consultant, Call Dave @ 954 648-7956 for details.
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    Offset Calibration Press Metrics

    Print Professionals, When fingerprinting or calibrating an offset press for Gracol / G7/ CRPC6 target. When attempting to set secondary's to the specified LAB values, are the quality control strips or color wedges supposed to be color managed or raw? DigitalDerm

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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