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    Removing Alpha Channels

    Does anyone know of a way to automate the removal of non-specifically named channels in PS? I'm trying to write an action that will flatten an image and remove any extra channels (not cmyk). I was hoping that using the quick keys for channels beyond 4 would work but when I use them the action...
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    Photoshop Compression

    We're in the process of moving away from a 3rd party compression utility. Instead we've decided to work with native Photoshop compression. The question is which one to use? We've toyed around with a few ideas such as TIF or EPS w/jpeg compression but I don't like the idea of using lossy...
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    Loading icc profiles into Photoshop

    We're attempting to set up sort of a homegrown soft-proofing solution between two of our offices across the country from each other..... trying to avoid solutions with monthly fees. Part of making this work, of course, involves us having the ability to apply our proofers' icc paper simulation...
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    Automation in InDesign CS3

    I'm looking for an automation solution for content proofing in InDesign CS3 (or outside InDesign if not cost prohibitive).... one that will allow me to set up one master page in one document with all the necessary marks and info and will allow me to select a group of PDFs to feed into the...
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    Can't print from Quack 7.31

    Oh boy... I haven't touched Quack 7 since alpha/beta testing until now and I have to say that Quark has not let me down.... only because I expect nothing but crap. I can't print anything at all. I keep getting an "unknown error [-51]" as soon as I choose Print from the file menu. Anyone have any...
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    PDF export from Nexus 8.5.3

    I'm currently testing new workflows using 8.5.3. In one of them we're exporting a pdf/x-1a. The issue I'm having is in areas using drop shadows. The drop shadows are basically thinning out any lines (more so on hairlines) they fall on top of. The lines don't disappear, they just thin out and...
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    Compressed Photoshop EPS in Indy CS3

    Has anyone enountered any issues in Indy CS2or3 with the clipping paths or drop shadows of a Photoshop EPS with jpeg compression? .... just a curiousity.... we've been using a compression utility for years that causes such problems. I've been testing alternatives and haven't run into the issues...

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