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    Looking for Tiff License for Agfa Apogee X Workflow

    Did you ever find a way to get a 1-bit-tiff output license for Apogee? I need one for Apogee 5 and AGFA will not sell me one.
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    Ricoh c901s

    No resolution to this problem at this time. Still looking at options.
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    Ricoh c901s

    We reciently put in a Ricoh C901 GAE unit. We have had the unit installed now for over two months. We are having issues that we are now being told is a result of the location of the unit. We were told this was developed with the commercial printer in mind. We had five Ricoh representatives at...
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    Ryobi 662H Parts

    I'm looking for an oscillator roller Part# 5663-56-411-1 for our Ryobi 662H.
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    Yellow ink contamination from Magenta ink (back trapping)

    Re: Yellow ink contamination from Magenta ink (back trapping) This happens within the first 100 to 200 sheets. We did try Van Son inks last night and it appears that the problem has gone away. We had tried a couple other inks prior to that but we still had the back trapping issue. We will run...
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    Yellow ink contamination from Magenta ink (back trapping)

    We are having an issue with our yellow ink being contaminated with magenta. We have been told this is from "back trapping" and have tried a few things to correct the problem but have not been successful. We have changed the ink sequence from KCMY to YCMK and this stops the yellow from being...

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