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    Solving the US border problem - a what if...

    Sort of like CNN.
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    Solving the US border problem - a what if...

    I'm wrong, sorry about that.
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    Solving the US border problem - a what if...

    Just so you know, the kids were detained by the previous administration as well, the "press" didn't report it because they didn't want to make the "president" look bad.
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    Dead: Xerox & Fujifilm deal

    My tech said the now have to get approval before they can order a part.
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    Industry Bleed Standard

    Bleed standard? When I ask my customers for bleed all they do is make the image larger.
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    Anyone else use numbering software like Number Press or the like

    We use number press and like it, it works pretty well. Not much of a learning curve.
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    I have a favor to ask.

    Yes, 3 votes for you as well.
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    AB Dick 9850 issue

    fixed it
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    Need help with printing issue

    Well it turned out to be the rollers. Looks like the water was backing up somehow to the ink and causing it to break down. New rollers, now I'm good. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
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    Need help with printing issue

    Thanks for your suggestions, will look into the water chemistry.
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    Need help with printing issue

    I'm self taught on an AB Dick 9850. I have no one to mentor me and I've started having a problem I can't solve. Trying to print large solid black letters, I'm getting a lot of white spots in the printing area, not a solid black color. I've tried adjusting the pressure, adding more ink, broke...
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    Rollers on AB Dick 9850

    This may sound like a dumb question, but how do you know when you need new rollers? I don't run the press a lot, but the rollers are about 4 years old. Is there a clue that says, time to buy? I'm pretty much self taught running the press and have no one to mentor me. Thanks, Lou
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    Xerox J75 Service Agreement Toner question

    Canon came in with this glorious full color, full coverage example book for a press they wanted to sell and told us the same thing about the 5% coverage. I asked them if the same book was only 5% coverage, they said no. I said goodbye.
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    Question about acquiring the Oki C911 / C931

    Aaron; Not sure where you are, in the US the 931 toner is cheaper then the C911. Speed doesn't seem to be an issue, but full coverage will use a boatload of toner. Lou
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    Question about acquiring the Oki C911 / C931

    We have a C911. We have only been using it for envelopes. Make sure you look at the cost of consumables. It uses a lot of toner (color toner is currently about $375 each) and drums are $450 each. If we were to do again, I would look into something else. You will use a lot of toner doing full...
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    Xerox 700 banding

    We have a Xerox 700 that is printing a lighter section (a line about a 1/4" wide) down the center of sheets horizontally along the full image. It's only doing this on the Magenta color. Drum or developer or something else? Thanks
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    Adding default paper to the fiery dropdown

    I've created a paper type and want to add it so it shows in the drop down for expert setting when I'm printing this stock. I'm missing a step as I can't get it to show in the drop down box. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Lou
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    Buying used xerox 550 and service agreements

    We did that with a 700. Bought it used at auction and got a service contract from Xerox. If you can get the serial number of the machine, Xerox can tell you how much it will cost click wise. This way you can see if it's better to go new or not. We found that the used machines usually get around...
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    Service questions on KM C7000

    Having had a C7000, we had so much work done on it, I'd go with the Cannon. The dealer is playing hardball with you. I would tell him to go pound sand.
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    Wanted: Xerox Finisher for 700

    Yes, still looking. Lou

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