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    Native Document Preflight

    Well we do use Flightcheck. It is currently only supporting CS 2019. And, the next version will be called Express. We have tried beta version and it is not liked by our preflight tech. I can't go into details as I have not sat behind the beta version, but I do take the word of my tech, she has...
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    Native Document Preflight

    Does anyone know of any preflight software for native applications other the Markzware Flightcheck?
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    Tiff Shooter Advice

    I have a Rampage Output Director running on Windows 10. We need to upgrade the hardware (pc running the software) and wonder if it is possible to run it on the new box. First issue, I do not have the installation software. Second is I don't know if this is at all possible, even if I had the...
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    Fast Impose

    Is anyone still using Fastimpose? I am trying to determine if it has broken with the latest update. If you don't understand, it has been end of life yet is still working in 20.1. I wish I knew how long we had left with it. I guess it is time to locate its replacement. :(
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    Any Ricoh 9210's Out There??

    That's what I was asking, thanks.
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    Any Ricoh 9210's Out There??

    Do you have the on board color spectro closed loop beside the Fiery color calibration?
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    Ricoh C9200 toners and drums on Heidelberg Versafire EP Digital Press

    Do you have or did you have a 9200? I would be interested in how it performed for you. What led you to the Heidelberg, which looks like the 9200.
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    Any Ricoh 9210's Out There??

    what range of work do you put through yours? Do you have more than one unit?
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    Ricoh c9200 Print Quality Issue

    What ever happened with this issue?
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    FlightCheck 7.92—Mac Released with Adobe CC Support

    Whats going on with the further development of Flightcheck? There is no support for CC 2021 and later?
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    Canon VarioPrint Speed

    I was hoping that someone that operates on would reply. Do You?
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    Canon VarioPrint Speed

    I meant the varioPRINT iX3200
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    Canon VarioPrint Speed

    How fast is the vario at 12x18 duplex?
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    Any Ricoh 9210's Out There??

    Do you have a Ricoh 9210? What has your experience been like overall? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks
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    Cost of JDF driven cutters and folders??

    Does anyone know the avg costs of these JDF drive devices? I realize there is a broad spectrum of equipment sizes and configurations, but what would JDF add to the cost of devices?
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    G7 Usage

    I'm wondering if the implementation and continued use of G7 is growing or waning. We all know many companies have closed doors and all, but are shops maintaining the certifications and are new shops joining the standard?
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    VDP random skipped second side issue on RICOH 9110 and Fiery

    Yes they do... This is an intermittent issue that only happens with a particular file XMPIE template that we update and recompile regularly.
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    VDP random skipped second side issue on RICOH 9110 and Fiery

    Has anyone experienced the following... Sending a variable, 5000 record, two sided file to Fiery as PDF-VT. Occasionally the engine will make a stalling sound and the second side of records printing at that time will be blank. Might do it for two to three records and return to printing...
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    Anyone try Neo 10.1.4 with Sierra and/or High Sierra?

    Just got off chat with Adobe.... They said CC2018 will run on El Capitan Where did you hear that it wasn't?
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    New Prepress Equipment/Software Readiness

    How would these AI plugging fit into a commercial sheetfed and wide format workflow? We are running AE14 with Fastimpose and NEO. I would love to see more automation in our workflow, but the project are so diverse and always needing attention and or editing etc..

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