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    Canon quietly discontinues 2" core roll fed paper

    I ordered paper from on June 1st and didn't notice that LexJet shipped the wrong product (3" core), so I ask them to help me and send the right stuff. They tell me that Canon discontinued the 2" core. I tell them (two weeks ago) that their website still lists the 2" core (still shows...
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    I can't find 130# Gloss Cover 12x18

    If you found some online recently, I should would appreciate a link! My regular local vendors are out of stock.
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    Lewis Paper has been purchased

    Dear Valued Customers, Effective July 1, 2022, Lewis Paper has been purchased by Central National Gottesman, operating as Lindenmeyr Munroe in the Midwest and KellySpicers in Denver, CO. As nearly all of our employees are joining the new organization, you should experience minimal impact on...
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    3-d wall decorations done with my equipment?

    Something I can print and then manipulate somehow on the duplo? I've done an arc of rolled 12"x12" printed art (branding, logo, etc) and rolled them into cones, then arranged them like the statue of liberty. I've run paper through the duplo twice, once in each direction to crease and make 3d...
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    staples for Phaser 7760 Professional Finisher

    gone. delete. thanks.
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    Partially die cut door hangers?

    My company has been using door hanger paper that's 6up, 12x18, and fully perforated. Since i have a duplo, I'm hoping to find a vendor that sells only the slit and hole perforated. The lead edge perforated causes my duplo issues. Since i need to order more, i thought I'd ask. I'll explore...
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    Xerox v80/180 color tuning?

    I’m trying to find a way to print both quality full coverage -and- good photos. When I set Adjust Image Transfer I find that a higher voltage (volts, yeah?) of 120% produces a better full coverage (uncoated cover). Our company has a purple that is about 260% total ‘ink’. When we flood a large...
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    small print shop services?

    hi all! I joined my company two months ago and finally got it all running smoothly -- i had to make small adjustments, eg. hot folder tweaks, color consistency, duplo feeding well, etc. I want to offer more services to my team, but the only thing I can think of that wasn't offered previously...
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    Do you know a paper vendor in Denver?

    We use Donahue and have been very happy with them, but supply issues are, well, an issue. I've had experience with Lewis and Spicers and wasn't thrilled, but would work with them again. I don't have an acct with Lewis, so I can't see their pricing and Spicers is 50% more than my current vendor...
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    trimmer on V80/180 jamming often due to small paper trimmings

    Hi all, my fore/face trimmer at the end of my printer has small pieces of paper that fail to fall into the waste bin, they collect and then disrupt the sensors causing jams. I only get about 10 books out between jams. I vacuum every jam, but since I can't open the doors until a jam, i can't do...
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    Duplo DC-616 gutters question

    Hi all, new here. Is there a way to do a ‘chop cut’, no gutter cut on this duplo? Or do all setups require the minimum 5mm gutter? Thanks! steve
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    hot folders console lost connection?

    Hi All! I just joined my new company. Someone else set up the hot folders and when I launch the hot folders app, nothing populates in the console. Nothing is configured. However, the existing hot folders (two dozen) do work. The issue is that I cannot edit a hot folder, nor create a new one...

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