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    Ricoh 9210 output tray

    I have a Ricoh 9210 which I love but.....having an issue with the output tray, this is the output tray that attaches to my plockmatic. So depending on the stock is how much it will hold.... for 19x13 100# cougar uncoated white cover will only do 196 sheets - then says tray full...less then 3"...
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    Walk-in self serve printer from phone!

    sadly what we get alot is like Amazon return labels...its so annoying just a black ink copy so trying to find the easiest way to deal with these as it is becoming a few customers a day as so many people do not have home printers so wanted something so they can come in and print directly to a...
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    Walk-in self serve printer from phone!

    Hello I have a retail copy center but more and more I have people emailing 1 or 2 sheets they want printed in black ink...and many a stop for a .15 cent copy seems odd...and so many repeat customers. Is there a product out that is super simple setup like a bluetooth printer where a...

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What about Profitability?
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